New tourism options for travellers in summer: Jelgava, Jelgava municipality, Ozolnieki municipality

Jelgava Regional Tourism Centre suggests enjoying the summer and use the various tourism options and sightseeing locations in the central part of Semigallia Jelgava, Jelgava municipality, Ozolnieki municipality.

Audio guide in telephone

One of the news this summer in Jelgava is audio guide for excursion in the city telling 25 stories in three languages: Latvian, Russian and English. Audio guide is available for listening online or for download on telephone, tablet. While listening to a story that last three to five minutes, you can learn about the Jelgava palace, the tower of Jelgava Trinity Church, city museums, churches, parks, monuments, sculptures and other historical places in the city. List of objects available in audio guide can be found on website, or in tourism material "Jelgava Tourism Map" which can be received free of charge at Jelgava Regional Tourism Centre.

Challenge 10 ideas for exciting summer

What festivals, excursions and hikes to participate in? Which nature trails and locations for walks to pick; where to go boating, fishing and swimming? Which farms to visit, what to taste and enjoy? A new offer with 10 ideas as a challenge has been prepared for you to enjoy this summer, if you are near Jelgava. The offer includes recommendations both for active leisure and learning about the culture and history, participation in events, ideas for visiting new objects, etc. You can print the offer and check off what you have done, so that the time here would be filled with positive emotions and beautiful photos.

New objects in Jelgava are worth seeing

This summer, new urban objects of Jelgava should surely be checked out – "Wheel of Time 100", interactive environment object made by the sculptor Kārlis Īle on Lielā Street 38, which is already popular among city inhabitants and visitors. On Post Island on the shore of the River Driksa, the passers-by and people who love walks can enjoy a centenary flower bed with 3,500 ice flowers in the colours of the flag of Latvia and in the form of centenary symbol; the flower bed reaches 26 metres in length and 12 metres in width. In the wetlands of the River Lielupe, where wild horses dwell, there are some news as well – a trail and a viewing tower 20 metres in height, from which you can observe birds, horses, wetlands and the scenery of two rivers. On Loka Maģistrāle, you can view a graffiti wall created in May and presenting a 60-metres-long work of art made at the time of international graffiti street art festival "Stories of Freedom". Langervalde forest, a very popular leisure location in the 20th century, is also now put in order and available for those who enjoy active leisure – walking, biking, running or Nordic walking.

New ships for voyages in Rivers Lielupe and Driksa

This summer, seven various small ships travel along Rivers Lielupe and Driksa; four of these have started their work this summer and take the city inhabitants and visitors for a voyage along routes lasting from 30 minutes up to one hour. Among the ships providing new services on water is the ship "Dezija", the master of which will tell stories to the little passengers of how to be safe on water and will award them with the diploma of "the chief mate", and will give to the grown-ups postcards with the scenery of Jelgava. The new ship "Moana" enchants the children with its theme of a pirate ship, and the ship "Lora" and pontoon boat "Mika" offer the option to organise various events onboard. Ship "Mītava" also makes rounds in the city, can take up to 50 passengers and travels according to set schedule. You can enjoy the city rivers with water bicycles, SUP boards and boats. Ship quays are located in J.Čakste bulvāris promenade by the Mītava bridge; more information on the website, section "Water temptation".

Regular boat rides

Even though rivers of Semigallia are slow and calm, several of them are well suited for boating. On Saturdays and Sundays, regular boat rides along Rivers Lielupe, Driksa, Platone, Iecava and Misa in canoe boats are organised by Ozolnieki rowing club (  Rides take place in the following routes: Jelgava – Ozolnieki, Dalbe – Ozolnieki, and Iecava near Ozolnieki. The club provides a full boating service – rental of boats, guiding of the route, excursions along the coast and transportation of participants to the initial point of boating. There are also topical boat rides, boat rides at night and expeditions along less known rivers. 

News of Jelgava municipality and Ozolnieki municipality 

We recommend visiting several new objects in Jelgava municipality. "Frog House" in the former Brieži manor houses a frog collection with almost two thousand souvenir frogs from across the world. Farm "Trubenieki" is the largest shitake mushroom grower in Latvia and offers the option for participants of excursion to see the farm, taste fresh shitake mushrooms and enjoy an excellent mushroom soup in the gazebo. Lielplatone manor complex will soon feature the renovated "laundry building" with an option to learn and try out washing the clothes in the 19th century style. But, producing the brandy, offer an opportunity to visit the plant, participate in tastings and view the farm with horses and other farm animals. In Ozolnieki Municipality, we recommend enjoying the rides in the only full circle wakepark "5 masts" in Latvia and try out the first water park with agility attractions for adults or to take a bike ride along the new, marked bicycle routes.

New excursions on bus, bicycles and on foot

In cooperation with the local guides, we invite you to go on excursions in order to get to know famous and not so known places in Jelgava and its vicinity. In July and August, the following excursions will take place: "Special Locations and Stories of Ozolnieki Municipality", "Road of Brainstorm from the School's Hall to Arena", "Jelgava Destiny Stories", "Manors, Manors", "Visiting the Manufacturers in Jelgava Vicinity", etc. Find the excursion calendar on the website visit.jelgava, section "Routes and excursions".

Current tourism information about Jelgava, Jelgava municipality and Ozolnieki municipality, tourism materials, regional maps may be received at Jelgava Regional Tourism Centre, Jelgava Trinity Church Tower, Akadēmijas Street 1, by calling +371 63005447 or e-mail: See e-posti aadress on spämmirobotite eest kaitstud. Selle nägemiseks peab su veebilehitsejas olema JavaSkript sisse lülitatud.. More information on website: