Event calendar for 2017


22.07. Ozolnieki District Festival. Festival starts with a parade in Ozolnieki and throughout the day invites the residents and guests to enjoy exciting cultural, entertainment and recreational possibilities. Ozolnieki Stadium
22.07. Jelgava Night Half-Marathon. Jelgava
22.07. Latvian powerboat championship. Jelgava, Lielupe


26.08. The XVII Latvian Milk, Bread and Honey festival / XV Milk cartoon regatta. The most delicious festival of the year where Jelgava offers various interpretations of the milk, bread and honey products produced all over Latvia. Everyone is welcome to join in fun culinary contests and follow the always-exciting milk carton regatta. Pasta Island, Lielupe, Jelgava


01.09. First Day of School Celebration "ZinīBums". Pasta Island, Jelgava
09.09. Metal festival in Jelgava - An extensive educational and learning festival which allows to enjoy art and culture and learn more about education, career and job opportunities in steel industry. The festivals includes welding contests, various demonstrations, seminars, creative workshops for children and youth. Pasta Island, Jelgava
08. – 10.09. Days of Engineers. Jelgava
23.09. Autumn Fair, Duke Jacob's Square, Jelgava. Duke Jacob’s Square, Jelgava
30.09. Season opening concert. Jelgava House of Culture
30.09. Jelgava County Harvest Festival. Viesu Līči, Jaunsvirlauka parish


22.10. Ozolnieki Autumn Half-Marathon. Ozolnieki
28.10. Night of Legends. Jelgava county manors


3.-4.11. World Cup Stage 1 "Winter Swimming World Cup," Jelgava City Open Championship and Jelgava Winter Swimming Cup. Driksa river at Mītava bridge.
11.11. Lāčplēsis Day. Torchlight procession. Jelgava
11.11. Lāčplēsis Day events: Ozolnieki, at the Monument to Freedom Fighters, at Skuja school crossings, Salgales parish torchlight procession and the solemn moment at Vareļu monument. Ozolnieki county
18.11. Celebration of Proclamation of the Republic of Latvia. Jelgava, Duke Jacob’s Square, Jelgava House of Culture


03.12. City Christmas tree lighting. Duke Jacob’s Square
10.12. Ozolnieki Winter Race. Ozolnieki
23.12. Christmas Hullabaloo. Jelgava House of Culture
31.12. –01.01. New Year's Eve Celebration in Jelgava. Pasta Island, Jelgava