Exhibition “Right here, in Platone”

Until August 30, you can see the exhibition at the exhibition hall of Jelgava Holy Trinity Church Tower - “Right here, in Platone”, where the works created by artists during the Jelgava plein-air are displayed. 

Celebrating the 130th anniversary of our famous painter Gederts Eliass, with the financial support of Jelgava district administration and the Platone parish administration, at the end of June - after the Summer solstice, for three days, artists from Jelgava resided at the “Zīlēni” farmstead where Gederts Eliass was once born, and painted its surroundings. During 1920 and 1930s, our distinguished countryman in his paintings very often depicted the apple-tree orchard in blossom in the morning or late evening hours, as well as the Platone stream in various seasons, just like the daily fluctuation of light in the close-by meadows and fields. Eliass has also painted in colour the life at a farmstead of his time – the watering and milking of cows, hay harvest, as well as the spring and autumn field works.

Life at the countryside has changed nowadays, but our nature remains just as beautiful and picturesque as in Gederts Eliass’ time. The new exhibition reveals the modern metamorphoses through the eyes of contemporary artists with their means of expression.

The exhibition “Right here, in Platone”, will be displayed at the exhibition hall of Jelgava Holy Trinity church, 1 Akadēmijas Street, until 30 August. Please, find more information on the exhibition over the phone: +371 63005445.