Summer offers for visitors of Jelgava

Jelgava Regional Tourism Centre in cooperation with Jelgava tourism service providers offers to the residents and guests of the town a new product – a single entrance card for three places of interest and a coupon booklet for active recreation, catering and accommodation services, as well as purchase of souvenirs.

One of this summer's news for tourists visiting Jelgava is the single entrance card and a discount booklet, which allows the purchase of one admission card to visit three places of interest and get discounts on 18 different tourist services in the town. The single card costs 5 euros and includes visits to the tower of Holy Trinity church, G. Elias Jelgava History and Arts museum, and A. Alunans memorial museum. Along with the purchase of the single card, its holder will also receive a coupon booklet, which includes special pricing for the tourism services of 18 different providers.

Until 30 September this year, the owner of the coupon booklet will be able to get discount for relaxation on the water: rides with motor yacht "Carpe Diem", vessels Frīda" and “Jūrmala”, and recreational vessel "Mītava", as well as on a stand-up paddle board or SUP. Special offers have been prepared also by: bicycle rent company “Pepijas velomānija” and the organizers of the breakout game “Savrupmāja vistas kāja”, while the lovers of active recreation will be able to enjoy some speed, meanwhile driving a kart at the Sports and recreation park "Rullītis" and take a tour around Jelgava in an exclusive car from "Monte Limo Rent". Meals for special prices will wait for you at our catering companies: bistro „Silva”, teahouse “Silva”, restaurants “Chocolate & Pepper” and „Madara”, family restaurant “Hercogs", lunch restaurant “Otto”, and express-restaurant “Ņamma”. Discounts are offered also by hotel "Jelgava", store "Daba" and sensation studio "Aspazija”.

From 1 July, one can purchase the entrance card at the tower of St. Trinity church, and G. Elias Jelgava History and Arts museum, 10 Akadēmijas Street. The offers of the single entrance card and coupon booklet are valid for their owner only for a single use.