For Wedding

Kāzas ir viens no svarīgākajiem un gaidītākajiem notikumiem cilvēku dzīvē. Gatavojoties šim īpašajam pasākumam, aicinām izvēlēties kādu no kāzu piedāvājumiem Jelgavas pusē.

Jelgava's St. Trinity Church Tower

Romantic proposal or wedding ceremony closer to heaven, the first wedding waltz on the glass floor, sparkling champagne and a beautiful photo session by the clock-face... Enjoy it at Jelgava's St.Trinity Church Tower at the Driksas river coast – the place, where the charm of centuries and modern elegance come together to provide unforgettable emotions.
In order to make this day even more impression rich, the newlyweds are offered a wide range of activities – soap cooking, creating special decorations, Herb's wife wisdom or wedding excursion throughout the tower stocks.

Akademijas street 1, Jelgava, +371 63005445, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,

Baroque Romance in Jelgava's Palace

Jelgava's Palace is a place, where the past and the future come together and various legends appear. Wedding waltz in the biggest baroque palace in Baltics will be an unforgettable experience.
In order to make a love of a young couple sweeter, ladies-in-waiting of Jelgava's Palace will offer a special hot chocolate drink with fruits and the real life stories of the court. Palace Park with its romantic bridge and greens all around is an ideal place for photo session. Here, the first tasks and walking are waiting for newlyweds.
Liela street 2, Jelgava, +371 63005617, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,

Touch of Art of Jelgava History and Art Museum of Gedert Elias

The museum building is known with the historic name of Academia Petrina. The first university in Latvia was located in this building. The greatest value of the museum's exhibition is master's Gedert Elias collection.
Wedding ceremony in one of Elias' halls, romantic photo session with the museum atmosphere and excursion for the guests around the museum. It is all in the atmosphere of art during the whole day. A restored historical access road is situated in the museum surroundings. There, the guests of the newlyweds can make different surprises.

Akademijas street 10, Jelgava, +371 63023383, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,

Love Alley

The newlyweds in their wedding day can plant their own birch at Love Alley. Then, at the wedding anniversary, they can visit it in order to see their planted tree.
A birch alley, which is named as Love Alley is located at the side of Dobele road. There is a legend about this place. The legend is about two friends, who lived in 18th century – Tetch and Shvander, Courland-Zemgale Duke advisors. This alley was the favourite place of them to walk. Suddenly, two men felt in love with the same girl, but for the sake of their friendship they rejected their love and remained bachelors, and the girl got married to another person. Shvander and Tech paid her a huge dowry. Caring about young couples continued even after the deaths of two friends. They bequeathed all their property to Jelgava craft guild, which was supposed to pay the dowry for a craftsman's daughter who would be married the first in the coming year. Also, the new couple should be married in the church and to plant a birch at the favourite walking place of two friends. The two friends were buried on the sides of their alley and each got the monument constructed. However, only one monument has survived – the Vase of Tech. This tradition is still in force and the newlyweds in their wedding day can plant their own birch at Love Alley. Then, at the wedding anniversary, they can visit it in order to see their planted tree.
Information: In Jelgava Tourist Information Centre, Akademijas street1, +371 63005447, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Amusive Voyage by Boat Along the Lielupe River

The boat 'Frīda' with the old fashion charm and 90 years of experience invites newlyweds to have a voyage along the Lielupe River. This is an opportunity to feel the wind in the hair and to look at Jelgava from the riverside. The boat will pass by Jelgava Palace and it will bring to Palace Island, where wild horses are grazing.
Phone: 29486086,

Vircava Manor Park

A popular point of visit for weddings is Vircava Manor Park, which is located in Jelgava district. The newlyweds and their guests are offered a program with a funny performances, surprises and special story of hostess.
One of the manor buildings is a good place for wedding celebration.
The manor was a favourite place of Courland Duke Peter Biron. Although the manor is almost destroyed, the main value of it is 15-hectare park – the old Baroque-style garden with a unique water parterre.
Vircava, Jelgava municipality, +371 63085984, 29618544

Wedding Offer in Lielplatone Manor

The manor offers to organize a wedding ceremony with activities in the territory of manor and park, including riding in horse-drawn carriage. There are ancient legends about Lielplatone Manor, which was built by Baron Hahn in 1738. The legend was about seven craftsmen and oaks in Manor Park, about Love Alley and about a pond with a golden bottom.

Lielplatone, Jelgava municipality, +371 26611468

Enjoy Dagmara's Love Drink!

A new love elixir had been created in Zalenieki professional secondary school in Jelgava municipality. It is a drink whose main ingredient is a legend about young countess Dagmara from Eley manor. Dagmara gave her life for the sake of love.
Drink contains spring water, sparkling wine, vodka, cherry juice, berries, honey and mint. It is especially suitable for weddings, because it creates soft and light mood for everyone
Legends says that Dagmara, 16 years old daughter of Count Medem felt in love with groom of Eley Manor. When father knew it, he was very angry. Once upon a time during the spring morning, count organized a hunt. Dagmara, knew that her beloved is going to hunt with sirs, decided to go with, but her father prohibited it. The hunting horn sounding, horses nickering, dogs barking. Suddenly the door opens and a young beauty in wonderful hunting clothes appears. Father is very angry for her disobedience and commands the daughter to return to the palace. However, Dagmara being arrogant and stubborn runs in her second-floor boudoir opens window and jumps out... directly on the stones. Even in our days in full white moon black nights, you can see Dagmara galloping on a horseback in hunting clothes. Do not hold Dagmara, wish her good luck, because she hurries to reach hunters, because her beloved is among them. Dagmara will find rest only when she reaches them...

The drink is available:
-  In menu: cafe 'Zemnieka cienasts' (telephone number +371 20455402)
- Wedding offer in summer menu: in Jelgava municipality – in cafe 'Zemnieka cienasts' (telephone number +371 20455402), in restaurant-bistro 'Aitiņlauvas' (telephone number +371 29160393), in cafe 'Puteļkrogs' (telephone number +371 29255010), in Jelgava bistro 'Silva' (telephone number +371 29266586).
- For tourist groups (request in advance): legend and degustation of the love drink in Zalenieki Manor, telephone number is 22043531.

7 Bridges at Jelgava Side

A popular wedding tradition is to go across 7 bridges. It includes carrying a young wife across the bridge, drowning old sins and other exciting challenges. In the centre of Jelgava it is possible to count five big or small bridges, but nearby there is a bridge deficit.


See some of them...

Lielupe Bridge

This is the largest Jelgava Bridge, which goes across the quiet Lielupe River. There is a beautiful tradition at the end of the August to view the regatta – the boats made of empty milk packages. The bravest can climb to the boat deck.

Driksas Bridge

The Bridge of the Emperor crosses the Driksas River. A young couple should undergo different tests, which are connected with student traditions, because every morning the students are hurrying up across this bridge to be on time at the lectures. A statue of Mandernas Konrad, who was the master of Livonian Order, is placed at the end of the bridge. In 1265 exactly at this place, a first wall of the castle was built. A bust of Duke Ernst Johann Biron is placed on the opposite side of the bridge. During his reign, a modern Jelgava Palace has been built.

Mitavas Bridge

The newly rebuilt Mitavas Bridge has been opened at the end of 2012. It is the most significant innovation in Jelgava. Being illuminated it crosses the Driksas river and connects the city centre with Pasta Island. While crossing the bridge, do not forget to make a wish! The bridge, which is 152 m long, is the longest walking and cycling bridge in Latvia. The bridge has a three dimensions form (like 'S' letter) and it is supported by 28 bracing wires, which keep only two pylons.
The small romantic bridge is located in the park by Jelgava's Palace. This bridge is going to governor' island.
Another small bridge connects Pasta Island with Palace Island and partly is a continuation of Mitavas Bridge.
Many bridges in Jelgava's district goes across the Iecava and Svete rivers.