One-day excursion to Jelgava. The programme of the tour has been elaborated upon tourist recommendations and interests. Read more

New features are seen in the city which was destroyed during the 2nd World War: reconstructed streets, new pedestrian and cyclist bridge – the longest in Latvia, promenade along the river Driksa, where visitors are welcomed by sculpture from popular student's song, to fulfil a wish. Read more

Sightseeing excursion including the most important historical sightseeing objects. Read more

A wonderful opportunity to visit farms in Jelgava and Ozolnieki County, meet the welcoming landlords, listen to their stories, taste their hand-made products - bread, cheese, seasonal fruit, vegetables, honey and many more. Read more

Jelgava - one of the largest industrial cities in Soviet Latvia. Pottery, including the bottles for legendary Riga Black Balsam are still made here. In the theritory of former RAF ( Riga bus factory) collection of vans remains about time when Jelgava was well-known in whole USSR and even behind its... Read more

A hike trip in Lielupe floodplain meadows along the paths of wild horses, listening to the story of the island's governors' life and experience. Narration is supplemented with a photo gallery. Read more

A number of routes, like bike walk „Jelgava-Tetele-Jelgava", bike expedition „The Old Road", „Jelgava suburbs. Garie kalni (The Long Hills). Tušķi. Jelgava." Read more

Orientation game for families, teams, classes, groups of friends. We will work in a team, invent, search, find, and prove! Let's turn a city tour into a proper adventure! Read more