Routes for tourist groups

Jelgava Regional Tourism Center has prepared new routes, which will be useful when planning tours to the surroundings of Jelgava for companies of relatives and friends, co-workers, or pupils (using your own transport). The routes include the sites of interest of Jelgava county and Ozolnieki county and home producer households which can be visited by prior arrangement; therefore, it is more suitable for groups

Route "Values and Pride of Ozolnieki County"

marsruti ozolnieki

The route introduces the lives and activities of considerable countrymen (Janis Cakste and Edvarts Virza), offers to taste the local home producer delicacies - a variety of garlic delicacies as well as healthy goat milk and cheese. In this route you will be able to look at and caress various dwarf animals, motor sport lovers will appreciate the collection of retro motorcycles in Ozolnieki, while the major events in the history of the county and Latvia will be discovered by the Vareli Monument.

Places of Interest:

Garlic Processing Company "Antek" - Goat Farm "Līcīši" - Motor Sport Exhibition of Ozolnieki - Mini Zoo "Lauku sēta" - Tetele Tower - Vareli Monument - Memorial Museum of Janis Cakste "Auči" - Memorial House of Edvarts Virza "Billītes".

Route Length

60 km

  • Garlic processing company „Antek LTD" grows and processes garlic. Mistress Antra has learned different recipes on how to make various products from garlic. Here you can taste the garlic tea, garlic powder, pickled garlic flowers, and sweets lovers will get the chance to try delicious garlic caramels.

Ozolnieki county., Dalbe, Priežu Street 8, tel. +371 29206015

  • Goat Farm "Līcīši" is surrounded by the Misa river and a forest, where around 100 goats and billy-goats have found their home. You can sign up for a tasting of milk products.

Ozolnieki county., Cenas parish., tel. +371 26537993,

  • Ozolnieki Motor Sports Exhibition - in the exhibition is displayed sport motorcycle collection starting from 1925 as well as costumes of motor sportsmen, awards, flags and posters of different motor sport competitions.

Ozolnieki county, Ozolnieki, Jelgava Street 35, tel. +371 26751108, 63022602

  • Zoo "Lauku sēta" ("Farmstead") is a home for ponies, donkeys, dwarf sheep, dwarf goats, dwarf pigs, llamas, rabbits and other animals. Children can go on a pony or donkey rides, pet the animals and use playground or arrange picnic.

Ozolnieki county, Cenas parish., Brankas, "Jaunaudzes", tel. +371 27171712,

  • Tetele Tower and Park - on the left bank of Lielupe river, near today's Tetele Primary School, in the former Tetelminde manor park, a romantic rubble tower is built. It was built in the second half of the 19th century as artificial ruins. Today, the tower has been restored and viewable from the outside.

Ozolnieki county, Cenas parish, Tetele

  • Vareļi Monument is dedicated to 14 cadets of the Latvia Military School killed in the fights against the Bermontians in November of 1919.

Ozolnieki county., Salgale parish

  • Memorial Museum of Jānis Čakste "Auči" – family house "Auči" of Jānis Čakste was built in the 30s of the 20th century. Konstantīns Čakste, the elder grandson of the first president, and his family has claimed the property. Exhibition shows J.Čakste as a great personality, public figure and a head of large and friendly family, and informs about the fate of the members of the Čakste family.

Ozolnieki county., Salgale parish, tel. +371 26392154

  • Memorial House of Edvarts Virza and Elza Stērste "Billītes" - for many years, the Latvian poet E. Virza and his wife, the poet E. Stērste, lived at "Billītes". At "Billītes", the major works of E. Virza were written, of which the most notable is the poem "Straumēni".

Ozolnieki county, Salgale parish, tel. +371 29299790


- Restaurant "Agate Hotel", Ozolnieki, Skola Street 16, tel. +371 28687743,

- Restaurant - bar "Meka", Ozolnieki, Stadiona Street 5A, tel. +371 63050162, 29121214,
- Café "Centrs", Ozolnieki, Rīga Street 34, tel. +371 63020070, 26532338
- Café shish-kebab house "Talisman", Ozolnieki, Rīga Street 20, tel. +371 27873733
- Café "Zemnieka cienasts", Jaunsvirlauka parish, tel. +371 63058443, 20455402,

Kur nakšņot?

- "Agate Hotel", Ozolnieki, Skola Street 16, tel. +371 28687743,
- "Viesu Līči", Jelgava county, Jaunsvirlauka parish, tel. +371 63058443, 29204514,
- "Ānes muiža", Ozolnieki county, Cenu parish, Āne, tel. +371 26483712,
- "Skalbes", Ozolnieki county, Cenu parish, tel. +371 29103477,
- LLKC hostel, Ozolnieki, Rīga Street 34, tel. +371 22018583, 63050220
- Culture and Sports centre "Jaunlīdumi, Jelgava county, Jaunsvirlauka parish, Dzirnieki, tel. +371 29199324
- Āne JIC hostel, Ozolnieki county, Cenu parish, Āne, Celtnieku Street 12, tel. +371 29482315

Route "Three Villages in Jelgava County - Svēte, Zaļenieki, Nākotne"

marsruti ciemi

The route is suitable for the active and inquisitive, because during the tour, you will find out the secrets of bread baking, you will get acquainted with the potter's craft, and will see how people lead a green lifestyle in Zalenieki. At the end you will arrive in Nakotne - a place where in 1946 the first Latvian collective farm was established, but today you can see the largest birds on the planet, ostriches, and learn how to creatively make use of ostrich feathers and eggs.

Places of Interest

Bakery "Svētes maize" - Ceramic Workshop in Svete - Zalenieki (Green) Manor and Park - Arboretum "Zaļenieku kokaudzētava" - Zalenieki Church - Ostrich Farm "Mazzariņi".

Route Length

40 km

  • Bakery "Svētes maize" - the company manufactures organic bread and pastries. Bread is naturally fermented and baked in fire wood stoves. Small groups (up to 12 persons) can learn the bread making process by professional baker. Tours and bread baking are organized on Thursdays by prior arrangement.

Jelgava county, Svēte parish, "Vecūdri", tel. +371 20001818,

  • Ceramic Craft Centre at Svēte. At the craft centre it is possible to learn the potter's craft and make your own pottery ware. Different pottery wares made by professional potter can be bought.

Jelgavas county, Svēte parish, Lielsvēte Street 18/8, tel. +371 26003899

  • Zaļenieki (Green) Manor and Park - the hunting residence of the Duke of Courland and the park is a unique architectural sample of the 18th century. Building is relatively well preserved, not burnt and damaged. From the historic interior, wall painting and parquet fragments, vaulted ceiling decorations have survived.

Jelgavas county, Zaļenieku parish, Zaļenieki, tel. +371 63074250, 22043531,

  • Arboretum "Aptiekas" offers self-produced, high-quality plants appropriate to the Latvian climate. If booked in advance, it is possible to visit the arboretum and the nursery, get acquainted with the small sapling offer.

Jelgava county, Zaļenieki parish, „Aptiekas", tel. +371 29410756, 63074444,

  • Zalenieki Lutheran Church - the construction of the present stone church building was completed in 1872, it has a wooden interior and old pipe organ constructed in the 19th century. The church tower bell, cast in 1930, is the biggest bell in Jelgava county.

Jelgava county, Zaļenieki parish, tel. +371 26836758

  • Ostrich Farm "Mazzariņi" - in the ostrich farm, you can get acquainted with specimens of African ostrich species and get in-depth information on the largest birds on the planet. Possible to purchase souvenirs made out of ostrich leather, eggshell, feather and unique ostrich fat soap.

Jelgava county, Glūda parish, Nākotne, tel. +371 29134788, 26702347


- Kafe "Grantiņi", Jelgava county, Svēte parish, Grantiņi, tel. 26446422,
- Guest house "Pūteļkrogs", Jelgava county, Zaļenieki parish, tel. 63011900, 29255010,


- "Grantiņi", Jelgava county, Svēte parish, Grantiņi, tel. 28602267, 26446422,
- Zaļenieki Commercial and Crafts Secondary School, Jelgava county, Zaļenieki parish, tel. 63074250, 29433918
- Guest house "Kaupēna dzirnavas", Jelgava county, Zaļenieki parish, tel. 29263768, 26551259
- Guest house "Pūteļkrogs", Jelgava county, Zaļenieki parish, tel. 63011900, 29255010,

Route "Mysteries of Manors and Rural Delicacies in Jelgava County"

marsruti muizas

Take an exciting journey through the manors of Jelgava county, learn the legends and ghost stories, taste the home-made cheese and pickles prepared by the Malkalni hostess, woodworking occupation you will discover at the workshop "Amatnieki", but in Tisi you will discover the stories about the mysterious missile base. A healthy walk in the fresh air is waiting in Vilce Nature Park, not so far away you can enjoy chocolate, strawberry, and other unusual mint tea flavors, while at the end you can see the bell museum and taste healthy elderberry syrup in the Blankenfelde Manor. The route objects are recommended to be combined in accordance with the wishes of a group or to be combines for a two-day route.

Places of Interest

Lielvircava Manor - Lielvircava Church - Native Homestead of Gederts Eliass "Zīlēni" - Lielplatone Manor - Woodworking Workshop "Amatnieki" - Farm "Blūdži" - Tisi Missile Base - Vilce Manor and Park - "House of Mint" of Lolita Duge - Blankenfelde Manor.

Route Length

75 km

  • Lielvircava Manor - the manor-house was built during the period from 1803 until 1808. Since 1924, the manor houses a school. Currently, rooms for events are available in the manor-house, an exhibition hall is open. Visitors can also learn about the everyday life in the manor and the 19th century costumes.

Jelgava county, Platone parish, Lielvircava, tel. +371 26694637

  • Lielvircava Lutheran Church is the oldest stone church in Jelgava county, built in 1595. The church was destroyed during the Second World War. In 1975, the interior elements and values of art were taken to the Rundale Palace Museum. In 1992, renovation works of the building were carried out. The burial place of Juris Alunāns, the initiator of the Young Latvians movement, is located at the cemetery near the church.

Jelgava county, Platone parish, tel. +371 26547117

  • Family House of Ģederts Eliass "Zīlēni" - Ģederts Eliass (1887-1975) is one of the most outstanding Latvian painters, a master of realism, born at the house "Zīlēni" of Platone parish. A small exhibition presents the Eliass family, you can view a series of the artist's painting replicas. Next to the home, grows the greatest ash-tree in the Baltics.

Jelgavas county, Platone parish, Poķi, tel. +371 26547117

  • Lielplatone Manor and Park - the 19th century manor built by Baron von Hahn is surrounded by various stories and legends. The manor complex includes a large park and a number of outbuildings. The manor houses Lielplatone Primary School, a library and a tourist information office. By prior arrangement rides with horses can be booked.

Jelgavas county, Lielplatone parish, tel. +371 26611468, 29469223

  • Woodwork Workshop "Amatnieki" – in the workshop it is possible to learn the carpenter's craft and the process of woodcarving, take part in basket-making process as well as purchase products.

Jelgava county, Sesava parish, "Amatnieki", tel. +371 26892959

  • Farm "Blūdži" – Mālkalni family farm offers to taste and purchase different types of organic homemade cheese, pickled vegetables and salads. Visitors can also bake and taste bread and try a soup that is made over the bonfire.

Jelgava county, Sesava parish, "Blūdži", tel. +371 27114820

  • Tīsi Missile Base - the ballistic nuclear missiles were located in the Tīsi base from 1963 until 1980. Today, a guided underground tour and access to rocket launcher mines is offered. One can also see the former reserve rocket hangar, the army basement, the control-pass point and the water treatment plant. It is possible to combine the tour with extreme sport games as a young guard survival route is set up in the base area.

Jelgava county, Lielplatone parish, tel. +371 29652698

  • Vilce Manor and Park - the manor-house was built in the middle of the 18th century as a hunting residence of the family of Baron von Medem. In the early 19th century, it was rebuilt, but nowadays houses elementary school, exhibition showing the history of the manor and tourist information point. At the manor-house, there is a landscape park, where one can see different types of trees, learn about the plants and animals living in the forests. Possible to arrange catering.

Jelgava county, Vilce parish, "Vilces muiža", tel. +371 26351169, 26496829

  • Vilce Nature Park – after visiting manor house of Vilce you can enjoy a walk in the Baron trail that will bring you to Vilce castle mound and the viewing platform, from which sandstone outcrops on the banks of the Rukūze River are visible. A pedestrian bridge over the Vilce River takes you to the Hare meadow where a landscaped recreation area and an area for camping sites are set up.

Jelgava county, Vilce parish, tel. +371 26351169, 26496829

  • Lolita Duge's "Mint house" – farm grows 18 different mint varieties, produces syrup and other products from peppermint. Here you can enjoy chocolate, strawberry, grapefruit, pineapple, ginger and other unusual mint teas and learn how to grow mint.

Jelgava county, Vilce parish, "Terēni", tel. +371 26394062

  • Blankenfelde Manor is placed near the border of Lithuania, the current manor buildings were built in the middle of the 18th century. The manor stable hosts a bell museum with more than 1,000 bells from all over the world. In the manor park are made airing trails, bridges and entertainment attractions. You can arrange tasting of local production – natural juices, syrups and pickled vegetable products.

Jelgava county, Vilce parish, tel. +371 27810348,


- Café "Piramīda", Jelgava county, Eleja, Bauska Street 3, tel. 26866206
- Vilce Manor house (by prior arrangement), Jelgava county, Vilce parish, "Vilces muiža", tel. +371 26351169, 26496829


- Guest house "Upmaļi", Jelgava county, Vilce parish, tel. +371 63061044, 29237149,
- Blankenfelde Manor house, Jelgava county, Vilce parish, tel. +371 27810348,


Route "Treasures of the Northern Part of Jelgava County"

marsruti ziemeli


Spend an unforgettable day and learn new things - visit the mysterious Valgunde Monastery, look at the significant collection of deer horns, and learn unheard facts about the way of life of this mighty animal, get to know a variety of exotic animals as well as visit the remarkable Museum of Christmas Battles and Machine Gun Hill. Explore the dolomite fraction production process, peat processing, and visit Kaigu Bog, but from July to September visit the blueberry farm.

Places of Interest

Valgunde Monastery - Deer Garden "Buku audzētava" - Home Farm "Pie tēvoča Garika" - Museum of Christmas Battles "Mangaļi" - Machine Gun Hill in Tirelpurvs - Dolomite Fraction Production Company "Gneiss" - Peat Factory "Laflora" - Blueberry Farm "Arosa-R" (July - September).

Route Length

75 km

  • Affiliate of Riga St. Trinity Sergius Female Monastery in Valgunde (Valgunde Monastery) - the beginnings of the Orthodox female monastery in Valgunde dates back to 1894, when under the initiative of the sisters Mansurov, land was granted to establish an affiliate of Rīga Monastery. Here you can see two churches and a chapel with a significant collection of icons. To enter monastery women must wear long skirt, men – trousers. Tours only in Russian.

Jelgava county, Valgunde parish, tel. +371 63085215, 63085244

  • Deer Garden "Buku audzētava" - in "Buku audzētava" you may get acquainted with breeding of wild animals - red deer, fallow-deer and mouflons in fenced areas. During guided tours, you can learn amazing facts about animal breeding and see animal horns.

Jelgava county, Valgunde parish, +371 63027751, 29191980,

  • Mini Zoo "At uncle's Garik" - the home farm offers to visit different animals – domestic, wild and exotic for example – a kangaroo. During a guided tour you will learn about different animals, as well as pet and feed them.

Jelgava county, Valgunde parish, Kulbiņas, tel. +371 22837247, 29625229

  • The Christmas Battles Museum "Mangaļi" - a museum has found its home at "Mangaļi", displaying an exhibition about Latvian Riflemen in the Christmas battles during the I World War. You can view here an authentic reconstruction of a military fortification line of the German army. It is possible to have a guided tour in surrounded battle spots.

Jelgava county, Valgunde parish, tel. +371 28349259, 67228147,

  • Ložmetējkalns (Machine-gun hill) in Tīreļpurvs - over the years, it has become a symbol and commemorative of the heroism of Latvian Riflemen. There you can see the memorial sites of the legendary Christmas battles of 1916. For the convenience of visitors, resting places are set up and a 27-meter high view tower is erected here.

Jelgava county, Valgunde parish, Ložmetējkalns

  • Dolomite processing plant "Gneiss" - tours around the plant, which continues dolomite and dolomite fraction processing that has started 150 years ago in Kalnciems quarry.

Jelgava county, Kalnciems, Akmeņu Street 23, tel. +371 63011734, 63085352,

  • Peat extraction company "Laflora" is one of the largest peat extraction companies in Latvia, it has been in operation since 1995. The company offers to learn everything connected with peatbog and peat.

Kaigu peatbog, Līvbērze parish, Jelgava county, tel. +371 29182962, 63026777,

  • Blueberry Farm "Arosa-R" – farm is cultivates bush blueberry and its plants, during season (July – September) it is possible to visit the farm and pick berries. After rain swamp is quite wet, waterproof footwear is recommended.

Jelgava county, Līvbērze parish, "Melnā Oga", tel. +371 29407075, 26518207,


- Café "Aitiņlauvas", Jelgava county, Valgunde parish, Rīga – Liepāja, tel. +371 29160393,


- Guest house "Aitiņlauvas", Jelgava county, Valgunde parish, Rīga – Liepāja, tel. +371 29160393,
- Guest house "Guntmārītes", Jelgava county, Valgunde parish, tel. +371 26164173, 29444859,
- Guest house "Gošivs", Jelgava county, Valgunde parish, tel. +371 28763700, 29255931,