Domestic producers' product store "Craftsmen yard"
Jelgava, Lielā iela 5/7

Craftsmen yard offers taste tests of domestic products, grown by Zemgale farmers and cherished by master craftsmen. There is a possibility to pretaste and buy domestic foodstuff and craftsmen products. Read more

Crafts Centre "Līve"
Jelgava Coun., Līvbērzes pag., Jelgavas iela 4a

 In the Crafts Centre „Līve" it is possible to acquire weaving, crochet, beading, tenoning and other skills. While learning ethnographic heritage of Latvian Folklore, participants of the study are making modern articles of decorative art: scarfs, shawls, blankets, floor carpets, tablecloths, wall de... Read more

Ceramic Workshop – Craft Centre at Svēte
Jelgava Coun., Svētes pag., Lielsvētes iela 18/8

In the Ceramic Workshop it is possible to get to know the potter’s craft, participate or watch the process, purchase the local craft works as well as to place the individual orders. Read more

 Woodworking workshop "Amatnieki”
Jelgava Coun., Sesavas pag., "Amatnieki"

Exhibition of wood articles, all articles are available for purchase. It is also possible to observe the woodworking and basket weaving process. Read more

Applied Art Studio "Staļģene"
Jelgava Coun., Lielupes iela 5, Jaunsvirlaukas pag., Staļģene

Participation and watching the weaving process, watching professional weavers at work, the opportunity to participate in the process. Read more

Craft Centre "Jaunlīdumi"
26383129, 29199324
Jelgava Coun., Jaunsvirlaukas pag., Dzirnieki

Lessons in leather processing and woodworking, it is possible to participate or watch the process. Read more