Manor of Lielvircava

Liervircavas Manor is located, 1 km before the church, to the north of it, on the left bank of river Vircava. It was built by Baron Dionysius von Kloppmann in 1803 - 1808. At the same time the granary was built. The new manor was built on top of the old one, which had its first floor made completely out of brick, whereas the second floor featured brown-colored wooden beams. In 1820 Lielvircavas Manor was sold in an auction, therefore the Kloppmann family had forever left Lielvircava.

Dietrich von Grothuss who gave it to his daughter Adelaide purchased the estate. Later, Baron Wilhelm von Hahn married Adelaide. Afterwards, their son Edward Hahn sold the manor to his brother Richard, who then gave the manor to his daughter Elizabeth. Later her godson Reimar von Hahn, who died in 1919 fighting against the Bolsheviks Landeswehr army, inherited the manor. After his death the estate was inherited by Sister Hildegard, who was the owner of the estate until the Agrarian Reform in 1920.

Since 1924 the manor houses a school. Currently, the school uses only a few of the rooms available. In 2011 the grand hall of the manor was completely restored.

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