Beekeeping farm “Līgas Medus”
Andris 29110940, Līga 26189710
Jelgava Coun., Vircavas pag., "Mucenieki"

“Līgas medus” offer beekeeping production that is organic and with a high quality. In offer is wide range blossom honey, pollen, pollen in honey, cranberries in honey, bee bread and nuts in honey. Read more

 Ostrich Farm "Mazzariņi"
29134788, 26702347
Jelgava Coun., Glūdas pag., Nākotne

The ostrich farm offers you to get acquainted with representatives of African ostrich species of different age and gender and to obtain detailed information about these largest birds on the planet. A new offer for our visitors is the chance to see the ratite EMU from the faraway Australia and three... Read more

 Zoo "Country yard"
Ozolnieki Coun., Cenu pag., Brankas

The Territory of Zoo ,,Lauku sēta" is a place for a quiet and peaceful walks with the visit of animals living in the pasture-ground. Animal feeding is prohibited. Animal feeding and animal amusements are possible to explore ONLY during the group excursions guided by the owner of a farm and only wit... Read more

 Goat Farm "Līcīši"
Ozolnieki Coun., Cenu pag.

The farm provides an opportunity to watch goat milk processing procedure, to have a look at the animals available in the farm and finally to try goat milk products. Read more

Mini zoo “At uncle’s Garik”
22837247, 29625229
Jelgava Coun., Valgundes pag., "Kulbiņas"

The home farm offers to meet with a small animal collection. Exotic, wild, and domestic animals feel good here. Some animals can be fed and caressed. Read more

 Deer Garden "Buku audzētava"
Jelgava Coun., Valgundes pag.

 Guided tour around the deer garden and interesting facts about breeding. It is possible to watch deer, does, fallow-deer and moufflons. Read more

 Malkalni family farm "Blūdži"
27114820 (Ināra), 29931416 (Jānis)
Jelgava Coun., Sesavas pag., “Blūdži”

The Malkalni family own the farm house "Blūdži". They are home producers who offer to taste and buy home-made cheese, vegetable salads, and canned vegetables which have been created using only natural raw materials. Visiting "Blūdži" provides an opportunity to enjoy a real countryside of the Zemgal... Read more

 Lolitas Duge`s "HOUSE OF MINT"
26394062, 29473042
Jelgava Coun., Vilces pag., “Terēni”

It is possible to book a visit and degustation at the "House of Mint"; opportunity to get acquainted with more than 10 different sorts of mint, taste different mint teas, and find out about different mint products - mint syrup, powder, face tonic and other. Read more

 "Garlic world" ("Ķiploku pasaule")
Ozolnieki Coun., Olaines pag., Uzvaras līdums, Annas

The hostess Antra has discovered many recipes for creating delicious and interesting products from garlic. Here you can try garlic tea, pickled garlic flowers, garlic salsa, "the cutthroat" and even garlic candy. Read more

 Bakery “Svēte bread”
20001818, 28663183
Jelgava Coun., Svētes pag. "Vecūdri"

Svēte bakery offers freshly made biological bread baked in a wood-fired oven following the ancient bread making traditions. We offer you to have a look at the bakery and participate in the breadmaking process together with the baker. Read more

Alises zeme (Alice’s land)
29733601 Iveta; 26774592 Gundega
Ozolnieki Coun., Māja "Rēvici", Salgales pag.

Travel fulfilled with adventures in Alice’s Land together with wise Grandmother, funny Bunny and of course Alice. Read more

 Tree Nursery "Bētras"
28662847, 29494883
Ozolnieki Coun., "Bētras", Salgales pag.
Stādaudzētava "Dimzas"
26528108, 29217829
Jelgava Coun., Platones pag.

Dendrārija un stādaudzētavas apskate, stādu iegāde, konsultācijas par apzaļumošanu. Read more

 Farm „Zaļenieku kokaudzētava”, Tree Nursery in Zalenieki
29410756, 63074444
Jelgava Coun., „Aptiekas”, Zaļenieku pag.

Tree Nursery in Zalenieki is a modern and a progressing enterprise. Tree Nursery was established in 1995. The total gross area is 20 ha, but currently producing area is16 ha. We offer self-grown assortment of plants in containers (800 breeds of plants). We also offer tours of our magnificent arbore... Read more