Candy Workshop ("Karameļu darbnīca", Ltd.)
25664748, 29851426
Jelgava, Rūpniecības iela 1A

In 2014, the candy workshop began its journey as honest, responsible and friendly company to every customer and business partner. We are all united in our passion for candy making and turning the production process into a form of art. Read more

Winery "Ābelītes"
Jelgava Coun., Zaļenieku pag., "Ābelītes"

The winery “Ābelītes” offers a guided tour of the winery, wine tasting and viewing of a decorative garden. Read more

Jelgava Printing House
Jelgava, Langervaldes iela 1A

"Jelgava produces books for the world". As it is known, in 1769 Johann Friedrich Steffenhagen (1744-1812) married A. M. Litke – the widow of the book printer from Courland Christian Litke. Steffenhagen obtained ownership to the printing house as the dowry and became the printer for the Duke of Courl... Read more

 "Evopipes", Ltd. Plastic Pipes Production
Jelgava, Langervaldes iela 2A

EVOPIPES is one of the most advanced pipe manufacturing plants in Europe and the whole world that focuses on producing and development of innovative and efficiency-raising products. Read more

 Fortum Biomass CPH Plant
Jelgava, Rūpniecības iela 73a

Jelgava Biomass CPH Plant is the largest and most modern CPH plant in Latvia that use renewable energy. Read more

 "Laflora" Ltd.
Jelgava Coun., Līvbērzes pag., Kaigu kūdras purvs

Laflora Ltd. is one of the largest peat production companies in Latvia and one of the largest employers in Jelgava county. Peat produced in Kaigu and Drabiņu peat-bogs is processed in the production plant "Laflora", producing peat products with high added value which can be used in gardening. Durin... Read more

“I'M UNITY”, Ltd. Natural Supplements
Jelgava, Bauskas iela 2

"I'M UNITY", Ltd. is a Latvian enterprise founded with the aim of developing, producing and selling natural nutritional supplements based on berries and plants grown in Latvia. Currently, the company offers two products of Immunity Honey (blackcurrant Tincture) and Immuncells Honey (blueberry tinctu... Read more