Design gardens “Environmental mosaic”
Jelgava, Skvērā aiz Jelgavas Kultūras nama, Kr. Barona iela 6

In the square behind Jelgava Culture House everyone is welcome to visit design gardens that are created by professional landscape architects during the contest “Environmental mosaic” launched by Jelgava city municipality. Read more

 Langervalde Park

Go into the forests and enjoy the rest in the nature. Read more

 Lielupe Floodland Meadows
Jelgava, Pils sala

There are floodland meadows on the island behind Jelgava Palace: more than 50 wild horses are grazing there. These meadows are listed as a Natura 2000 site, a part of the European specially protected nature territory, due to the diversity of rare bird and plant species. Read more

 Svēte river flood-plain meadows
Jelgava Coun., Līvbērzes un Valgundes pag.

The Svēte Flood-plain Nature Park was established in 2004 within the framework of Natura 2000 to ensure conservation of rare and specially protected wild birds, plant species, and habitats. Read more

 Kemeri National Park (Ķemeri National Park)
26424972; 67730078
Jelgava Coun., Valgundes pag./ Tukuma nov., Slampes pag.

The Kemeri National Park (KNP) was established in 1997, primarily for the purpose of preserving the natural and cultural values. In 2004, KNP was included in NATURA 2000 - a Europe-wide network of protected areas. Read more

 The Vilce Nature Park
26351169, 26496829
Jelgava Coun., Vilces muiža

In the Vilce Nature Park the Baron trail has been made as a part of the project "Nature2000". You will find there animal footprints and many other nature-related things, which is going to be shown by your environmental guide- companion. Read more

Elejas muižas parks
Jelgava Coun.

Elejas muižas parks, kurš atrodas Lietuvas pierobežā, plešas vairāk kā 17 ha platībā. Tā ir vieta nesteidzīgām pastaigām, kur Veimutpriedes, Holandes liepas, Sibīrijas baltegles un vilnainās irbenes stāsta vēstures stāstus, un muižas parks glabā noslēpumus un leģendas. Elejas muižas parkā aug 15 diž... Read more

Zaļenieki Nature Park
Jelgava Coun., Zaļenieku pag., Zaļenieki
 Nākotne Walking Trail
Jelgava Coun., Glūdas pag., Nākotne

The nature trail along the bank of the river Auce is 1.5 km long with recreation places and a bathing ground. It is possible to watch birds, it is an excellent choice for fishermen. Read more

 Krāču kalni (Krāču hills)
Jelgava Coun., Valgundes pag. un Babītes nov. Salas pag.

Krāču kalni (Krāču hills) is one of the biggest dunes of the ancient Littorina Sea. The highest part of this mound is situated 29 m above the sea level and 26 m above the surrounding plains. The Littorina Sea was the predecessor of the current Baltic Sea; it existed about 7000 – 5000 years ago. Read more