TOP 10 tourist attractions in Jelgava

1. Jelgava Holy Trinity Church tower

  • The first brick Lutheran church built in Europe in 1574; destroyed during World War II;
  • Nowadays it is the most visited tourist attraction in Jelgava with multimedia exhibits about the first presidents of Latvia, the symbols of Jelgava and the main historical facts, Holy Trinity Church and the national costume of
  • A viewing platform at 37 metres, showroom, French restaurant "La Tour De Marie", conference hall, tourist information centre.

Akadēmijas iela 1, +371 63005445, 63005447,

2. Jelgava Palace

  • The largest Baroque-style palace in the Baltic states, designed by the Russian court architect F. B. Rastrelli and built in 1738.
  • The former residence of the Duke of Courland and Semigallia and the administrative centre of the province; nowadays it houses the Latvia University of Agriculture.
  • Palace history museum, entertaining and educational programmes: "Hot chocolate in the residence of the Duke" and "Letter workshop of Duchess Dorothy".

Lielā iela 2, +371 63005617,

3. Rundāle Palace Museum exhibition "Vault of the Dukes of Courland"

  • From 1569 to 1791, 24 members of the Kettler dynasty and 6 member of the of Biron dynasty were interred in the vault in Jelgava Palace.
  • The restoration of the sarcophagi continues: in 2016, the sarcophagus of Jacob's wife Luise Charlotte was restored.
  • Vault history exhibition contains information about the people interred there and restored articles of clothing.

Lielā iela 2 (the building of Jelgava Palace, entrance from the palace park), +371 63962197, 26499151 (open to visitors from May 1 to October 31).

4. Jelgava History and Art Museum of Ģederts Eliass

  • The building was built in 1775 as Academia Petrina (Peter's Academy), the first higher educational establishment in the territory of Latvia, founded by Peter von Biron, the last Duke of Courland and Semigallia.
  • Since 1952, it houses the museum named after the great Latvian painter Ģederts Eliass (1887-1975).
  • Interactive history exhibits, paintings by Ģ. Eliass, art and history exhibitions, educational programmes for different age groups.

Akadēmijas iela 10, +371 63023383,

5. Post Island

  • A great place for all kinds of recreational activities: there are children's playgrounds, pedestrian and cycling paths, outdoor exercise equipment, a beach, volleyball fields and an ice rink during the winter season.
  • In the centre of the island there is an open-air stage that hosts the largest city festivals, open-air dances and theatre festivals.

Post Island

6. Memorial Museum of Ādolfs Alunāns

  • Memorial house of Ādolfs Alunāns, where the father of Latvian theatre spent the last two years of his life, from 1910 to 1912.
  • Mode of life in the beginning of the 20th century, exhibitions with interactive elements, art exhibitions, educational programmes for pupils.
  • It is possible to try on different costumes and see how it feels to be an actor, while reading anecdotes and learning archaic words in Latvian on the small stage.

Filozofu iela 3, +371 63021180,

7. Hard candy workshop

  • Candy making demonstrations, the opportunity to make your own candy and a factory shop.

Rūpniecības iela 1a, +371 25664748, 29851426,

8. Jelgava Exhibition of Latvian Railway History Museum

  • Exhibition about one of the oldest and most important railway junctions in Latvia.
  • Guided tour to the former locomotive depot in Jelgava, birthday celebrations at the museum, safety lessons for pupils.

Stacijas iela 3, +371 63096494,

9. Lielupe floodland meadows and wild horses

  • The floodland meadows on the Palace Island, between the Lielupe River and the Driksa River, host a diversity of plants and birds, as well as more than 70 wild horses.
  • It is possible to take a guided tour to explore the floodland meadows and see the wild horses.

Palace Island, +371 20264343

10. Sacred buildings in Jelgava

TOP sites to see in Jelgava county

1. Manors of Jelgava county

2. Nature Park ‘Vilce”

3. Christmas Battle Museum and the Ložmetējkalns

4. Peppermint House

5. Mālkalni cheese

6. Ostrich farm “Mazzariņi”

7. The museum of bells at Blankenfelde manor

8. Farm “At Uncle Garyk”

9. “Svētes maize” Bakery

10. Home producer store “Amatnieku sēta”

TOP sites to see in Ozolnieki county

1. The birth home of the first president of the Republic of Latvia Jānis Čakste “Auči”

2. Traditional Latvian Farm “Caunītes”

3. Memorial house of Edvarts Virza and Elza Stērste “Billītes”

4. Ozolnieki Motoring Sports Exposition

5. Mini Zoo "Lauku sēta”

6. "The Garlic World"

7. Tree Nursery "Bētras"

8. Goat Farm "Līcīši”

9. Monuments and Memorial Sites

10. Horse farm “Princis”