Hotel "Jelgava"
63026193, 63023349
Jelgava, Lielā iela 6

The hotel "Jelgava" is located in the very centre of the city, next to the former residence of the Duke Peter Biron - Jelgava Palace. Trading and business centres, as well as favourite places of tourists are around the hotel. Read more

 Hotel "Zemgale"
Jelgava, Skautu iela 2

*** Hotel, 34 facilitated rooms with shower, WC and TV. Read more

Jelgava Coun., Jaunsvirlaukas pag., “Senlīči”

Are you looking for recreation closer to nature, you want to entertain children? After a happy, but tiring day we will wait you in our guest house. You will be able to enjoy dinner at the neighboring restaurant, cafe "Zemnieka cienasts". The building was built in the 20-ies of the last century and... Read more

 Hotel "Agate Hotel"
28684473, 63013527
Ozolnieki Coun., Ozolnieki, Skolas iela 16

Hotel "Agate" is 3-Star Hotel and it has 15 double rooms, 2 of which have one double bed, all the rest with two single beds, 3 triple rooms, and one single room as well as 3 types of apartments for the needs of choosy guests. Four of the hotel's rooms are suitable for people with special needs. Read more

 Hotel of Blankenfelde Manor
Jelgava Coun., Vilces pag.

The hotel of the Blankenfelde Manor is situated in the freshly renovated part of the Manor – the stable / cart-house, where the Manor owner's private bell collection is put on the display on the first floor, but, on the second floor, tastefully furnished, cozy hotel rooms are situated. The visitors... Read more

 Motel "AKVA"
+371 63023444, 29990477
Jelgava, Birzes iela 49

The Motel "AKVA" is located in Jelgava, on the bank of the River Lielupe. The property is located 40 km from the center of Riga, and the center of Jelgava is located 3 km away. The rooms have free WiFi, TV with cable channels, and each room has a private bathroom with shower. At the Motel "Akva", y... Read more

 8th Youth hostel - dorms
Jelgava, Lielā iela 19

Since 2013 the youth hostel offers modern rooms and utilities; a wheelchair lift is available. Read more

 Hostel "Latvian Rural Consulting and Education Centre"
22018583, 63050220
Ozolnieki Coun., Ozolnieki, Rīgas iela 34

We are located on Riga-Jelgava highway, 34 km from Riga and 6km from Jelgava. Rental of premises for conferences and lectures. Read more

Hostel "Ozolnieki Sports Centre"
63050516, 26440373
Ozolnieki Coun., Ozolnieki, Stadiona iela 5

Hostel offers single rooms and rooms for 4 guests. It is possible to host 17 persons at one room all rooms have TV. Hostel has 7 rooms with amenities (WC and shower), 2 rooms with shower, but 5 rooms without amenities. Read more

 Hostel "Jaunlīdumi"
Jelgava Coun., Jaunsvirlaukas pag., Dzirnieki, „Jaunlīdumi”

Rooms with 6 to 8 beds. Large, light rooms with bunk beds. Possibility to apply for meals. Read more

Zaļenieki Vocational Secondary School
63074250, 29433918
Jelgava Coun., Zaļenieku pag., Zaļenieki

The hostel offers beds and rooms: standard apartment style rooms (2+3), facilitated apartment style rooms (2+3). Read more

 Recreational complex/ camping "GRANTIŅI"
26446422; 28602267
Jelgava Coun., Svētes pag., “Grantiņi 1”

For the tourists' needs, in the picturesque territory of the recreational complex, we host more than 15 picnic areas with tables and fireplace, five heated camping cabins, a shower and toilet house, as well as a kitchen house and a children's playground for the customer's convenience. Read more

 Guest house "Guntmārītes"
26164173, 29444859
Jelgava Coun., Valgundes pag.

We offer: wet Russian sauna (banya), fireplace hall – with kitchen, accommodation possibilities (in Summer tent places available), basin – bathing after sauna pleasure, pergola – for fans of fresh country air. Read more

 Guest House "Pūteļkrogs"
63011900, 29255010
Jelgava Coun., Zaļenieku pag.

Guest house „Pūteļkrogs" found its home in old "Pūteļu creamery", masonries of which make the special atmosphere of this place. Guest house offers to its' customers high quality catering on the spot and any place on your choice. Read more

 Holiday House 'Ane Manor'
Ozolnieki Coun., Cenu pag., Āne

Our guest house is a log-house with a thatched roof. It gives a sense of closeness to nature and lets feel something from nature savagery. Nevertheless, our house offers all modern conveniences. Read more

Viesu nams "Aitiņlauvas"
Jelgava Coun., Valgundes pag., "Aitinlauvas", Rīga – Liepāja 22km

Viesu nams „Aitiņlauvas" atrodams pie Liepājas šosejas pusstundas braucienā no Rīgas, Jelgavas, kā arī no kūrorta pilsētas Jūrmalas. Viesu namā "Aitiņlauvas" iespējams pārnakšņot dažāda veida divvietīgajos numuriņos, kā arī ir pieejams trīsvietīgais numuriņš. Darbadienas nogurumu iespējams veldzēt p... Read more

Guest house "Viesu līči"
63058443, 29204514
Jelgava Coun., Jaunsvirlaukas pag., Viesu līči

Viesu nams "Viesu Līči" children's amusement park, café, bakery, party room for up to 150 persons, camping sites, countryside bathhouse, trailer sites . Read more

Guest house "Zaļie Atvari"
29488465, 29353208
Jelgava Coun., Līvbērzes pag., ”Atvari”

Guest house is located in a picturesque, peaceful and green place in Jelgava county, Līvbērze parish. We offer to stay overnight in a guest house premises as well as in a separate camping houses. Read more

 Guest house "GALZEMJI"
Jelgava Coun., Jaunsvirlaukas pag., mājas "Galzemji"

Farm house "Galzemji" is a calm and cozy place in Jelgava county, where you can spend great holidays together with family and friends, relax after intense working week, or just stay overnight. Read more

 "Kaupēna dzirnavas" (Kaupens Mill)
29263768, 26551259
Jelgava Coun., Zaļenieku pag., Kaupēna dzirnavas

In the guest house a hireplace hall ( 60 m²), rooms for accommodation, sauna is available. Read more

28772324, 25918171
Jelgava Coun., Valgunde, „Branguļi”

Sauna and conference room for 25 persons Read more

Jelgava Coun., Upenieki, Vilces pag.

Upmaļi is a hunting house with a log sauna, where you can relax and have a good time. It is a wonderful place for parties. We offer billiard, karaoke and commercial fishing. In the hunting season, wild- game dishes are offered to our customers. If you wish to have a good time in the fresh air, this... Read more

 "Mītavas" Apartments
Jelgava, Palīdzības iela 1

Apartments. For your convenience – comfortable bed (one double bed) with bed clothing, TV, washing machine, equipped kitchen. The apartments are located in the city centre, a 3-minute walk from rail station. Read more

Cosy apartment in Jelgava city centre
Jelgava, Lielā iela 22

For a rent cosy and sunny room in a hotel-type two-bedroom apartment with all amenities including optical internet, autonomous heating system completely equipped kitchen etc. Read more

Hotel of "Berķene manor"
29252565, 29228580
Jelgava Coun., Vilces pag., Ziedkalne, Berķenes muiža

Berķene manor is one of the oldest small manors in Zemgale and is located in a picturesque place on the bank of river Svēte between Tērvete and Eleja. This is the only manor ir Latvia which offers a long-term rental opportunities for a rural residence - become one of the noblemen and enjoy the life... Read more

Guest house “Upeslīči atpūtai”
Jelgava Coun., Līvbērzes pagasts, Upeslīči Atpūtai

Only 1 kilometer from Jelgava you will be welcomed by romantic rural charm where you can enjoy the facilities that await in the recreation complex Upeslīči. Read more