Enjoy the winter in Jelgava and its vicinity!

Although the winter has failed to make us enjoy sights of white snowdrifts through our windows, there is nothing to worry about - we have so many opportunities of enjoying and experiencing this type of winter around us as well! Jelgava Regional Tourism Centre has come up with a summary of ideas to enjoy winter in an inquisitive, inspiring and active way. Look it up and go!

22nd Ice Sculpture Festival in Jelgava

The topic of this year’s sculpture festival – SUPERHEROES. Residents of Jelgava and the guests of the city are invited to look into the surprising and so volatile world of ice!
Pasta Island, Jelgava

Jelgava City

Take a rest and get inspired!

A skating rink is available at Pasta Island during winter - a place to enjoy sporty winter activities. Come to the skating rink with your own skates or rent them. Special hockey sessions with hockey gear are available as well. Charge per hour – 2.50 EUR, rental of skates – 2.00 EUR. Duration of skating – one hour.
Pasta Island, Jelgava

An improved forest area with several kilometres long network of paths is suitable for relaxed walks, jogging, as well as Nordic walking. The paths are supplemented by wooden plankways and bridges, wooden and metal moose sculptures are placed at the entrance.
Rubeņu ceļš, Jelgava

Discover and learn!

Everyone is invited to see the largest baroque palace in the Baltic States! Offers for groups of 15 people – creative workshops “Hot Chocolate at the Duke’s Residence” and “Love Letter Workshop of Duchess Dorothea”! (Prior appointment is mandatory by phone +37163005617).
Lielā iela 2, Jelgava

Be invited to observe the panorama of Jelgava city from the sightseeing platform on 9th floor of Jelgava Holy Trinity Church Tower, as well as to examine modern and interactive historical expositions!
Akadēmijas iela 1, Jelgava

The museum offers expositions, interactive exhibitions, educational curriculum and excursions for different age groups. The offer includes virtual expositions with 3D glasses, which enables seeing Jelgava at different historical periods by means of virtual reality glasses!
Akadēmijas iela 10, Jelgava

You are welcome to visit the memorial home of Ādolfs Alunāns - the place, where the father of Latvian theatre spent the last two years of his life.
Filozofu iela 3, Jelgava

You are welcome to visit one of the oldest and most important railway hubs in Latvia, as well as to find out how the development of railway has affected human lives.
Stacijas iela 3, Jelgava

Taste and feel!

You are invited to caramel making show and master classes, as well as the tasting of the produced sweets. You will have the opportunity to participate in caramel making process, master classes are available on business days 15:00-16:00 and on Saturdays 14:00-15:00.
Rūpniecības iela 1a, Jelgava

Jelgava County

Take a rest and get inspired!

You are welcome to visit a creative place for all types of art, culture and creative processes, contemporary design and celebration of life. (Business hours – according to prior appointments. You can make reservations on the website www.abgunste.lv or by phone +37129393131).
Abgunste Manor, Abgunste, Zaļenieku pagasts

Berķene Manor offers a harmonious relaxation - accommodation at the renewed home of the landlord of the manor, individual SPA centre and recreation for the entire family! (To make a booking or to receive an offer with additional information, call on the phone +37129252565).
Berķene Manor, Ziedkalne, Vilces pagasts

This place surrounded with legends and tales enables immersion in the world of ancient tales, while its beautiful and vigorous nature helps recovering from the daily hustle! In 2018, an authentic laundry house of the 18th/19th century was renovated, which offers the programme of learning about the ancient laundry washing traditions. (Prior appointment is mandatory by phone +37126611468).
Alejas iela 7, Lielplatone, Lielplatones pagasts

Enjoy walks through the remarkable manor park - a baroque style garden with an original parterre!
Vircava, Vircavas pagasts

Eleja Manor park is a suitable place for relaxed walks and getting acquainted with the pearls of nature. The area of the park is supplemented with renewed historical paths, a bridge over the pond to the peninsula, as well as attractive and interactive environmental objects. (Prior appointment is mandatory by phone +37126128853).
Eleja, Elejas pagasts

Be advised to take a walk in one of the most beautiful landscapes in Zemgale region, at the confluence of the rivers of Vilce and Rukūze and their gulleys. Learn about natural and cultural values of Zemgale!
Vilce, Vilces pagasts

  • Stud farm Mītavas zirgi

Individual horse-riding sessions with horses for people of all ages and levels of experience. (Prior appointment is mandatory by phone +37128611961, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).
Z/S Raideri, Daunāti, Vircavas pagasts

  • Horse riding Reinas zirgi

Pony rides and photo sessions are offered. (Prior appointment is mandatory by phone +37126378639).
Dobumi, Lielplatones pagasts

The ostrich farm offers to see and receive exhaustive information on the largest birds of the planet - African, Australian and South American ostriches. Also, you can meet rabbits and alpacas. (Prior appointment is mandatory by phone +37129134788).
Mazzariņi, Nākotne, Glūdas pagasts

Discover and learn!

The vicinity of Ložmetējkalns Watchtower preserves unique evidence about the fortifications of the World War I and the Christmas Battles that occurred here. Learn about the history of the World War I and feel its atmosphere in the places, where the legendary Christmas Battles took place one hundred years ago!
Mangaļi, Valgundes pagasts

Taste and feel!

We offer an opportunity to learn about more than 20 varieties of mint, to taste herbal infusions, to learn about mint processing products. Several creative workshops will also be available to visitors! (Prior appointment is mandatory by phone +37126394062 or +37126199825).
Terēni, Vilces pagasts

Home manufacturers offer visitors to taste and purchase homemade cheese, vegetable salads and preserves that have been made by using natural raw materials only. (Prior appointment is mandatory by phone +37127114820).
Blūdži, Sesavas pagasts

  • Private brandy manufacturing Tīreļu dzītuve

Private brandy manufacturing facility in Jelgava Municipality that offers to learn about details of manufacturing drinks from berries and fruit grown in Latvia. (Prior appointment is mandatory by phone +37126544243.
Šinšilas, Tīreļi, Valgudes pagasts

  • Manufacturer Livonijas dzintars

We offer to get acquainted with the process of manufacturing amber cosmetics, to participate in lectures to understand the healing properties of amber, to participate in creative workshops. Learn what makes our amber unique! (Prior appointment is mandatory by phone +3712943659).
Lielupes iela 75, Kalnciems, Kalnciema pagasts

Ozolnieki County

Take a rest and get inspired!

  • Ozolnieki Forest Park, skiing track and health trail

A walking path in the forest and a lighted skiing track in winter, during snowy weather conditions! For the lowers of active winter recreation, a specially designed 2.5 km long skiing track, which is lighted in the late evening hours as well, has been built. Meanwhile children can enjoy winter by riding down the hill. Everybody themselves must provide the equipment required in order to enjoy winter activities.
Skolas iela 20, Ozolnieku mežaparks, Ozolnieki

A mini zoo is a place for silent and peaceful walks in the territory, visit animals living and grazing in the meadows. (Prior appointment is mandatory by phone +37127171712).
Jaunaudzes, Brankas, Cenu pagasts

  • Stud farm Mazmušķu zirgi

The visitors are able to see and feed horses, horseback riding is offered. (Prior appointment is mandatory by phone +37129140535).
Mazmušķi, Cenu pagasts

  • Horse Breeding Farm Princis

A possibility of visiting a horse farm, take horseback riding classes and rides on ponies. (Prior appointment is mandatory by phone +37120206039).
Celmiņi, Cenu pagasts

The farm offers its visitors to see the procedure of goat milk processing, to see the animals of the farm and to taste goat milk at the end of the excursion. (Prior appointment is mandatory by phone +37126537993).
Līcīši, Cenu pagasts

Taste and feel!

Healthy, high quality and locally grown garlic and vegetable products are offered, which is processed in interesting types and delicious taste combinations! (Prior appointment is mandatory by phone +37129206015 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).
Annas, Uzvaras līdums, Olaines pagasts

Healthy and tasty sweets made of fruit, berries and vegetables. A master class “Prepare your sweet yourself!” is offered, as well as tasting of products and visiting the facility. (Prior appointment is mandatory by phone +37129412852).
Meliorācijas iela 2, Ozolnieki