Irish Dublin Pub

Irish Dublin Pub is the first Irish pub in Jelgava. It is a place to leave all the worries outside the tavern, forget about the routine and simply enjoy yourself here and now - in a good company with a glass of beer or whiskey, listening to good music or watching an entertainment programme. 

At the pub, you can find your own beer or whiskey, choosing from a wealth of assortments - more than 27 varieties of whiskey and 25 varieties of beer and cocktails. We have thought about hot snacks and desserts, which we serve 24 hours a day. This is the only pub in Jelgava that serves Guinness beer, and for a friendly price. Music programs, live sports events on TV, special offers and special events – there is always something going on at the Irish Dublin Pub for you to enjoy with friends or family.

Jelgava, Pērnavas iela 4d
26834577, 29233769
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