Sauna "Pārlielupes pirtnieki"

Sauna enjoyment - warm sweating shelves; sauna spirits whispering to rocks; the scent of peppermint, black currants, wildflowers; birch, oak, linden leaves touching the skin; cold water drops on a hot body...

Sauna ritual, depending on your preference, can last three to five hours. According to season, it can be supplemented with various herb applications, herb scrubs, massages with wicker whisks, and stretching elements. In a sauna ritual, whisks of up to 14 different herbs can be used, in summer, "green sweating shelves" with herb heaps. In winter, you will enjoy the medicinal aromas offered by coniferous trees and the power of a thousand touches.


  • Foot baths with healthy herbs and herbal tea;
  • Body warm up, fanning, sauna whisk compresses;
  • Body scrubbing with a home-made scrub;
  • A dance of whisks on your body;
  • Honey, chocolate, barm, or saprogel masks for your body;
  • Cooling off in the pond.

*** Preferably, bring your own towel and bathrobe to make it cozy.
*** We can work in our sauna or yours - we are flexible!


  • Sauna for 1 person - EUR 70.00
  • Sauna for 2 persons - EUR 120.00
  • Rental of a heated sauna for 4-5 persons - EUR 45.00/4h
  • And one more option for enjoyment!
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