Farm House "Caunītes"

"Caunītes" is a farm house that keeps Latvian traditions, and it is a place where people can enjoy Latvian traditional environment and community.

The owners created the farm to bring together the old and the new Latvian traditions. At the moment, the main place of the farmhouse is the barn with a bread oven. Various activities are taking place, which correspond with the traditional Latvian annual celebrations.

The farm house “Caunīte” honours and celebrates Latvian traditions - visitors are welcome to experience Latvian environment and take part in seasonal activities:

  • Bake your own loaf of bread;
  • Bake your own poppy seed pretzel;
  • Bake stuffed gingerbread cookies ( Christmas);
  • Listen to a story about the farm and living according to seasonal traditions;
  • Grind grains by hand mill;
  • Try out weaving rags;
  • Embroider traditional Latvian signs at special embroidery tables;
  • Sing a song accompanied by harp or play a traditional Latvian game;
  • Enjoy the playground;
  • Play games made out of wood, make snakes out of wooden cubes, etc.


  • Sour bread baking (3 hours) - 120 EUR (12 large or 15-20 small loafs);
  • Sour bread baking (4 hours)- 120 EUR + number of loafs (up to 30 loafs);
  • 4-hour programme costs are calculated for each individual visit, depending on the selected theme and/or additions, as well as the number of visitors;
  • The cost of each additional hour after the 4-hour framework program is 20 EUR/hour.

In November 2016, Farm house, "Caunītes" was awarded the title of "Latvian Heritage".


Ozolnieki Coun., "Caunītes", Cenu pag.
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