New! Private collection of Soviet time clocks – the Clock House

People have been counting time since ancient times. Do you know how they did it before? Do you know how the expression "Your time has run out" came into being? You will learn this and much more by visiting the Clock House (Pulksteņu māja).

Guests of the Clock House have a great opportunity to see an impressive private collection of clocks of Soviet times, which has more than 250 pieces – alarm clocks, table fireplace clocks, cuckoo clocks and wall clocks. Almost all clocks are running, therefore it is possible to demonstrate how they work.

Since most of the clocks were made in Soviet times, the interior is also complemented by other items of those times, which will evoke nostalgic memories for many guests, and the younger generation will acquaint the evidence of the lifestyle of that time.

Working hours

From May to September by prior appointment


  • 4,00 EUR for person


Jelgava Coun., Purviņi 22, Salgales pag
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