The City Arcade (Pilsetas Pasaza)
Jelgava, Driksas iela 4
 VIVO shopping mall
Jelgava, Katoļu iela 18

Trading centre VIVO is the most popular shopping centre in Jelgava and its surrounding. Area of 7751 m2 and more than 30 sales outlets – everything for our customers' every day or special event needs. VIVO is not only a shopping place, but also a place, where everyone can participate in different cr... Read more

Trade centre „KANCLERA NAMS”
Jelgava, Katoļu iela 7

In a trade centre „Kanclers nams" is offered a wide range of stationery, household goods, books, school appliances and bags, clothes for all family, sports goods, bicycles, furniture, toys, curtains and household appliances. Read more

Shopping mall “Valdeka”
Jelgava, Rīgas iela 11a

Arriving Jelgava from Riga side, you are welcome to shop in the "Valdeka". Total area of the centre is 14 000 m2 where about 30 outlets are located. A huge parking plot for visitors will ensure easy access to the centre and shopping. Read more