Flight in an air balloon

This is an excellent opportunity to enjoy a flight in an air balloon. Flights take place in Jelgava city, Jelgava municipality and Ozolnieki municipality. The take-off location is chosen by coordinating the wishes of persons and in compliance with the flight safety regulations. The most popular air balloon starting location is in Jelgava, a meadow opposite to Jelgava Castle. Flights take place only in good weather conditions.

Working hours

In Summer 05:00- 09:00 and 19:00- 22:00

In Winter 08:00- 11:00 and 14:00- 17:00

Offer for school-children/corporate events

  • Flight of an air balloon with a guywire: a flight of an air balloon with a guywire is a flight from the surface of earth up to the height of 20-30 metres by using a guywire system which constantly anchors the air balloon in a stationary point during its use;
  • For children starting with age of 6 (the height should be at least 1.20 m);
  • Maximum age is not restricted; the person should be able to enter/exit the basket of the balloon independently; the basket is approximately 1.10 m high;
  • Air balloon in one take-off lasting approx. 6-7 minutes can accommodate 2-3 adults or 4 children, depending on the weight of the persons and the ambient air temperature. Thus, 30 - 40 persons per hour can participate in the activity of the air balloon guywired flight.


The price depends on flight duration, place and the weight of passengers. Prices can be obtained by calling +371 22098098.





Jelgava, Jelgava
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