Salt room
Jelgava, Raiņa iela 40

The salt room in Jelgava is a relaxation room where the walls, ceiling and floor are completely covered by salt. The tiny salt particles emitted by the wall-mounted generator effectively cleanse the airways to the tiniest of bronchi. During the forty-minute session in the salt room you can relax - s... Read more

Sauna "Pārlielupes pirtnieki"
26370100, 22478286
Jelgava, Cukura iela 13

Sauna enjoyment - warm sweating shelves; sauna spirits whispering to rocks; the scent of peppermint, black currants, wildflowers; birch, oak, linden leaves touching the skin; cold water drops on a hot body... Read more

Berķene Manor SPA
29252565, 29228580
Jelgava Coun., Vilces pag., Ziedkalne, Berķenes muiža

New! In February 2019 an individual SPA centre was opened in the basement of Berķene Manor house. Read more

Guest House and Sauna "Klīves pirts"
Jelgava Coun., Valgundes pag., Klīves pirts

Come to our cozy sauna in the middle of the forest. Here you can enjoy peace and tranquility, beautiful nature, and a great sauna with a really good heat. Enjoy celebrations, sports games and other events here. There is a pond next to the sauna - where you can swim and in the river Klīve you can go... Read more

Guest House "Branguļi"
28772324, 25918171
Jelgava Coun., Valgunde, „Branguļi”

Guest house "Branguļi" offers separate sauna rooms, two ponds for swimming, and accommodation, outdoor and indoor space for rent. Prices Renting the whole guest house with a sauna and overnight stay - 170 EUR (from 18:00 until 12:00 the next day) * It is possible to rent only sauna rooms, at a price... Read more

Guest House "GALZEMJI"
Jelgava Coun., Jaunsvirlaukas pag., mājas "Galzmji"

Farm house "Galzemji" is a calm and cozy place in Jelgava county, where you can spend great holidays together with family and friends, relax after intense working week, or just stay overnight. Read more

Portable Sauna House
Ozolnieki Coun., Jelgava

Portable sauna house, portable tub, certified sauna master's services, transport services. Read more

Recreation Complex "Vīksnas"
Ozolnieki Coun., Cenu pag., "Vīksnas"

At the recreation complex "Vīksnas", you can relax all year round - in a quiet, lovely and scenic place by the river Misa. We offer: Sauna; Pool; Spaceous ground and a pond for various activities; Canopy and grill. Working Hours Any time, but, please, arrange in advance. Prices Room rental - 15 EUR... Read more