CHILL & CLUB THE BLOW music club
23200777, 28849724
Jelgava, Lielā iela 19a

THE BLOW music club is the heart of Jelgava's nightlife! What makes this club special is the aura of the premises – it is located in the former club JELGAVAS KREKLI, where in the 2000's the most fun parties in Latvia took place. Read more

Bar - Melno cepurīšu balerija
Jelgava, Raiņa iela 28

Melno Cepurīšu Balerija is an alternative music club in Jelgava that offers live music concerts of alternative music groups from Latvia and abroad, as well as various comedian performances, improvisation theatre performances, themed parties and other events. And not only can music be enjoyed in the... Read more

Music Club - Tonuss
Jelgava, Uzvaras iela 12

The modern nightclub is one of the most popular attractions in Jelgava. Tonuss is actively cooperating with the best Latvian and foreign DJs and music groups; staging large scale concerts and events for its visitors. Read more

Masti kvartāls
Jelgava Coun., Ozolnieki, Kopiela 3

Starting July 2022, MASTI kvartāls hosts weekly concerts featuring Latvia's most popular musicians, as well as specially designed programmes for families with children. Read more