Music Club "Tonuss"
Jelgava, Uzvaras iela 12

The modern nightclub is one of the most popular attractions in Jelgava. "Tonuss" is actively cooperating with the best Latvian and foreign DJs and music groups; staging large scale concerts and events for its visitors. Read more

Bar "Melno cepurīšu balerija" (Black hat balleria)
Jelgava, Raiņa iela 28

“Melno Cepurīšu Balerija” is a very special leisure place in Jelgava with informal and relaxed atmosphere. Meals for high-level fast food lovers are offered in the bar, including tortillas, kebabs, burgers, tacos, BBQ ribs, gyros, and even desserts. Read more

Irish Dublin Pub
26834577, 29233769
Jelgava, Pērnavas iela 4d

Irish Dublin Pub is the first Irish pub in Jelgava. It is a place to leave all the worries outside the tavern, forget about the routine and simply enjoy yourself here and now - in a good company with a glass of beer or whiskey, listening to good music or watching an entertainment programme. At the P... Read more