Pasta Island

Pasta Island - a multifunctional place for recreational, cultural and social activities. On the island, there are several playgrounds for children, a public ice skating rink during the winter months; and a beach where visitors can take a dip in summer. At the far end of the island, there is an explorative environmental area, divided into several areas: rural ranch, forest, marsh, meadow and field, as well as a spectators' platform on three levels. The island also has an open-air stage in the form of an amphitheatre. Two major festivals of Jelgava take place here - the Ice Sculpture and Sand Sculpture Festival.

Šeit norisinās lielākie pilsētas festivāli, piemēram, Starptautiskie Ledus skulptūru un Smilšu skulptūru festivāli.

Jelgava, Pasta sala
Families with children
For persons with movement disorders
Children's playgrounds