Stable Mītavas zirgi (Horses of Mitau)

Mītavas zirgi stable is surrounded by a forest near Jelgava and offers children’s camps, horseback riding, and training. Enjoy peace, nature, and the healing presence of horses! 



  • 30,00 EUR/h  horseback riding for one person in the countryside;
  • 35,00 EUR/h horse for photo shoots, bachelorette parties, weddings, children’s events, etc.

Working hours

Applying in advance by phone: 28611961.


  • The weekend with horses for adults is meant for everyone who wants to be outdoors, ride and learn more about horses. Horseback riding lessons are conducted by a certified trainer. No prior riding skills are required. A relaxing and refreshing weekend for people with a healthy lifestyle and an interest in horses.
  • Retreat for women Joga & Zirgi (Yoga & Horses)
  • Training camps for experienced riders 
  • Horse camps for children with/without experience 
  • Courses and training in horse breeding 
  • A new way to discover the healing power of horses and the level of awareness of the human mind and body. Be one of the first to try something unique in Latvia – horseback yoga.
  • Experienced riders have the opportunity to ride in the countryside, the minimum time is 1 hour 30 minutes (the service is available for up to two people).
Jelgava Coun., Vircavas pag., "Daunāti"
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Families with children