Mazmušķu zirgi

An educational sightseeing attraction where every visitor has the opportunity to pet and feed horses. Figure riding demonstrations are also organised during the summer.

In the Mušķi farm you can also see the Silgrauži pine with forked branches, an open-air dance floor that was used in the 1920s-1930s, the Napoleonic War (1812) entrenchments, the burial place of the soldiers of the Northern War, rope bridge over the Misa River, and the site of the Cena manor castle.

Working hours

By prior reservation by phone: 29140535.


  • For adults - 2 EUR;
  • For children under 16 years of age – free;
  • Horseback riding for children – 1 EUR per person;
  • Figure riding demonstration – 50 EUR.

Additional information

  • Minimum group size – 5 people;
  • Duration of the tour – 2 hours.
Jelgava Coun., "Mazmušķi", Cenu pag., LV-3018
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Working hours - please call
Adults 2 EUR; Children bezmaksas (līdz 16 gadu vecumam); ; ; ;
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