Staļģene Manor

The manor was constructed in the 16th century as the domain of the Duke of Courland and Semigallia. The current manor complex was constructed in the end of the 18th century, with the manor house being built in 1797 in the classicism style according to the plan by architect Severin Jensen. A park was developed by the manor. 

From the 1866, the manor belonged to the family of Baron von Repenak. In 1921 the building was adapted to the Staļģene Primary School. The manor building, the servant's house and park have been preserved. Staļģene High School is currently operating within the manor house, while Jaunsvirlauka Parish Local History Museum can be found in the cellar of the manor. The servant's building has been rebuilt and houses Jaunsvirlauka Parish Culture Centre Līdumi and the tourist information point.

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A new environmental object has been placed in the park of Staļģene Manor: annual traditions circle. The circle is formed from 8 boulders with a fireplace in the centre symbolising eight annual celebrations of the Latvians. A mark of the respective annual celebration has been engraved in each boulder. 

When exploring the manor accompanied by a guide, the visitors will be able to learn more about the special energy and meaning of the object.

Not far from the annual celebrations location, a view to the River Lielupe is provided by the installed symbolic photo frame. It serves as a unifying element in each of the six municipal local governments involved in the project: Olaine municipality, Ozolnieki municipality, Jelgava municipality, Ķekava municipality, Babīte municipality and Mārupe municipality.

Project „Tourism together” (17-00-A019.332-000005) is implemented for the measure „Inter-territorial and International Cooperation” of the Rural Development Programme for 2014 – 2020.


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