Abgunste Manor

Abgunste Manor was built around the 1780s, but was burnt down in 1905. The reconstruction began in 1908 and was completed in 1931 when the manor become the Castle of Light - the Abgunste School. Today the manor has turned into a place of creativity for all kinds of arts, culture, contemporary design, events, accommodation and celebration of life. 

We are offering open craft-workshops for ceramists, textile artists and woodworkers, the biggest ceramics kiln in Latvia is operated here. Take a break, sleep, celebrate, inspire, talk or bring out your creativity!

Enjoy the authentic beauty of Abgunte Manor. View and take photographs, listen to the stories - experience the revival of the manor. 

You can embark upon a quest in the manor – where you have to solve puzzles and search for keys and manage to escape until time runs out. 


  • Thematic group visits starting at 5.00 EUR/person
  • Excursion including refreshments 10.00 EUR/person


  • The manor is surrounded by four ponds and a park which is slowly coming to life
  • The manor house apartments for overnight stay with various convenience levels. Available: 45 beds + 15 extra beds. Accommodation price from 15.00 EUR /person
  • Halls for rent: a large hall (70 sq.m.) and a small hall (35 sq.m.) - suitable for seminars, celebrations, weddings, concerts, exhibitions, etc. We provide furniture, projector, screen and sound solutions
  • Available for disabled persons


Jelgava Coun., Abgunstes skola, Zaļenieku pag.
29393131, 28373711
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