Muižas istabas (Manor Rooms)

A place for celebrations, people, music, and art in a historical atmosphere! A Manor Rooms family is now working in the Administrator's house and welcomes visitors!

The construction of the Administrator's house of the Vircava manor was ordered by the Duke of Courland and Semigallia (Zemgale) Peter von Biron and implemented in 1776 by architect Severin Jensen. A Manor Rooms family is now working in the Duke's Administrator's house and is looking forward to receiving guests for the signature famine cake, a brief history lesson, and a friendly conversation.


  • Excursions during which you will see the values of the house, hear the Manor family story, perhaps something musical, and will enjoy the Famine cake baked using an ancient recipe.
  • Creative classes: Making pearl towers, making linen accessories.
  • The Manor has beautiful rooms for celebrations and other events. We can also host your event, decorate the premises and set the table.

More information:

Muižas istabas is a beautiful place to have a celebration, host a lecture or seminar. We are open to different proposals and are ready to make you an offer!

Jelgava Coun., Beiku ceļš 1, Vircava, Vircavas pagasts
20030550, 28341486
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