Lolitas Duge`s "House of Mint"

Visitors are welcome to book a visit and arrange tatsting at the "House of Mint" Here you will find out about more than 20 different types of mint, taste different mint teas, and learn about different mint products - mint syrup, powder, face tonic and others.

The workshop offers:

  • To make peppermint soap;
  • To make mint fabric flowers;
  • To decorate dishes with mint ornaments;
  • To decoupage candles with peppermint;
  • To express yourself with fabric, mint inspired;
  • To make something special for the face or body, using mint.

Working Hours 

Working hours are not fixed, please book your visit in advance. 


"House of Mint" visit with degustation - for adults - EUR 4.00, for children - EUR 3.00.

Workshops - EUR 4.00 (for both children and adults)

Jelgava Coun., Vilces pag., “Terēni”
26394062, 26199825
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Working hours - please call
Adults 5.00 Children 4.00