Mālkalni family Farm "Blūdži"

The Malkalni family are owners of the farm house "Blūdži". They are home producers who offer visitors to taste and buy home-made cheese, vegetable salads and canned vegetables, which all have been made out of only natural ingredients. When visiting "Blūdži" farm, you can enjoy a real countryside of the Zemgale plains, to experience the life of the Latvian farm, as well as find out all about the production process.

We constanlty increase our variety of salads and cheese. Our special marinated cheese has won an award - in the largest Baltic Sattes food exhibition "Riga Food 2014"- it recieved the 1st place in the nomination "People's taste".

Working Hours

Tour and tasting: please arrnage your visit in advance: 27114820


Price will be arranged at the time of booking


Jelgava Coun., Sesavas pag., “Blūdži”
27114820, 24818456
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