Beekeeping Farm Līgas medus

Farm Līgas medus offer beekeeping products that are organic and of highest quality. The offer includes a wide range of blossom honey, pollen, pollen in honey, cranberries in honey, bee bread and nuts  in honey.

All our product range of healthy delicacies have been collected by bees in forests and meadows of Jelgava county. We do our best at Līgas Medus to produce products for our customers to enjoy every day and on special occasions. Indulge yourself, friends and relatives with delicious and healthy amber yellow honey from Latvian country side.

Līgas Medus tour includes:

  • Stories about bee life and honey production
  • Visit of the apiary - subject to appropriate weather
  • Product tastings and purchases

Working hours

Guests are welcome all year round by previous appointment of convenient time and preferences.

Group visits should be arranged in advance.


  • 2,50 EUR/per person
Jelgava Coun., Vircavas pag., "Mucenieki"
Andris 29110940, Līga 26189710
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