Souvenir – figurine collection Frog house

Private collection of souvenirs, which displays more than 2000 figurines of frogs from different parts of the world. The collection can be viewed together with collector, hearing interesting stories of the origins of figurines. The visitors can also test their wits and attentiveness by playing a card game Find the frog.

Hospitality and humour of the hostess will make every guest smile. At the end of the visit everyone will get a confirmation that they have visited the Frog house – stamp on the arm! 

Open hours

Excursion by previous appointment, call the phone +371 28609853.

*Accepts groups of up to 20 persons


  • Viewing collection together with the collector 2.00 EUR
Jelgava Coun., Elejas pag., "Indrāni"
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Working hours - please call
Families with children