Pupuchi factory

Pupuchi factory produces crunchy and healthy snack from broad beans – Pupuchi. In the Pupuchi factory you can learn about development of the company, participate in tasting of the various products, and later purchase the products you liked, as well as to do some practical activities with the broad beans. There is also an opportunity to peek into the factory premises.

Pupuchi are roasted broad beans, a product rich in healthy proteins. Crunchy beans contain seven out of eight important amino acids necessary for the health of each person. It is a famous treat turned into a healthy product; delight with each mouthful.


  • 5.00 EUR + VAT 21%

*minimum fee 45.00 EUR + VAT 21%

Tourist groups

Tourist groups of 10 to 45 people are accepted.

*Tours must be booked in advance.

Jelgava Coun., Dzirnieki, "Jaunlīdumi", Amatniecības centrs
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