Confectionery Abra

Positive Foods is a Latvian company producing natural candies from plants and vegetables, health and energy cookies, as well as various plant powders. These all are combined under ABRA brand.

Plants are collected in clean rural areas of Latvia; the drying takes place in a temperature not exceeding 45C. Powders obtained from the plants are used for production of snacks, and nothing in excess is added because healthy may be delicious as well!

A great opportunity to learn about and taste the delicacies of Abra, take a look into the factory and make your own candy.

Can sweets be valuable and nutritious? The practical activities will show how to make delicious sweets from fruit and vegetables. Chocolate will also be used in activities, and you will see and hear how the company makes the healthy chocolate.

Each participant of the master class can package and take home the sweets they have made.


  • Make your delicacies yourself! - master class with stories and a peek into the factory. Duration ~ 1h. Price for adults EUR 7.00 + VAT 21%, for children EUR 6.00 + VAT 21%. The adult group should include min 10, max 20 persons; children's/pupils' group: min 15, max 30 persons (free of charge for the teacher accompanying the group).
  • Tasting of products and a peek into the factory. Duration ~ 30-40 min. Tasting of nettle smoothies, natural candies, marmalades. Price for adults EUR 5.00 + VAT 21%, for children EUR 3.00 + VAT 21%.

We accept groups of 10-30 persons with booking in advance. Guided tours and master classes are held also in Russian and English.

Please contact us by calling 29412852 in order to agree on an individual visit or purchase of products at the factory.

Ozolnieki Coun., Meliorācijas iela 2
29412852, 29358736
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