The Christmas Battle Museum

The Christmas Battle Museum - the branch of Latvian War Museum is located in the former farm Mangaļi in Valgunde parish, Jelgava County. The Museum was established in 2005 to inform people about legendary Christmas Battles and battle sites. In the museum territory you can see the field fortification system elements used during the Christmas Battle of the World War I.

Currently reconstructed fragment of German field fortifications includes dugout and part of German first defense line - German Rampart. The reconstructed fragment of German army's first defense line is unique for the Baltic region. At the museum you can see the exhibition - Christmas Battles of Latvian Riflemen. Exhibition shows approximately 200 photos and battle schemes as well as real objects found at the battle field. Exhibition also includes a layout model, which depicts several square kilometers of the Christmas Battle field and World War I field fortifications.

Year 2015 marks 100 years since formation of the Latvian Riflemen battalions and their first battles. To commemorate these events, the branch of the Latvian War Museum, Christmas Battle Museum, is offering an open-air exhibition 100th anniversary of the Latvian Riflemen Battalions.
In addition, an exploratory trail of 7.2 km is presented which was established in the sites of the Christmas battles in collaboration with Latvian State Forests. The trail will start and end at the Christmas Battle Museum, Jelgava County, Valgunde parish, Mangaļi; the route is planned along the attack road of the 1st Latvian Riflemen Brigade on January 5, 1917. The trail route offers interesting objects which have survived to the present day, and it will allow the visitors to learn about the uniqueness of Christmas battle site preservation. There are informative boards on the trail in 13 places providing information about the objects. These information boards allow the general public to get to know the historical evidence (remains of fortification buildings, historical engineering buildings, and accurate locations of historical events), which until now often remained inaccessible in informative and practical terms.

Working hours

From January 1 to April 30, the Museum is closed on Sundays and Mondays, but the Outdoor exposition is open every day from 10 a.m. till 4 p.m.

* Exploratory trail are available permanently.

* To view indoor exhibition outside the opening hours on Monday and Sunday, please contact us and arrange the visit.


Free entrance

About 1 km from Mangaļi house towards the Ložmetējkalns observation tower there is a well-maintained picnic place there is a well-maintained picnic place with a bench, sheds and a campfire place.


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