House of Jānis Čakste

The home of Jānis Čakste, the first President of Latvia, is located on the bank of the River Lielupe, in Salgale parish of Jelgava municipality. The building that was built in 1930s belongs to the Čakste family again since 1995, and the Čakste family live there. 

In 2018, a new exhibition was opened in the renovated servants' house, in a modern, contemporary way telling a story of life of the first President of Latvia and his family in the context of development of Latvian history and democracy.

The idea of the house of Jānis Čakste is to provide an opportunity for everyone to discover the personality of the first President of Latvia, his way to the office of the President, and to promote a desire to follow his ideas about free, independent and democratic Latvia.


Admission by donation

Jelgava Coun., Auči, Salgales pag.
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