Lielplatone Manor

In the 19th century the manor was the property of the dynasty of Baron von Hahn. The manor house was built during the time period of 1845-1860. The initial design of the building was planned by E.J.A.Strauss, the architect of Courland Province and rebuilt and extended from 1859-1860.

The manor is surrounded by 20 ha of park with ancient avenues and includes a house for servants, a laundry house, a chapel, a pond, the cemetery of the Hahn dynasty and more. Various legends surround the place which you can discover during your visit at the manor. Currently the manor houses a school.

The laundry house Vešūzis

In 2018, an authentic laundry house of the 18th/19th century was renovated, now offering the learning programme of ancient laundry washing traditions. The building consists of three floors, of which each has been developed to represent its historical functions: on the first floor, everyone can learn how the ancient laundry washing and ironing process took place; the second floor houses the laundry drying room; and the third floor is home to the laundress' room.  The laundry house is a original and authentic part of the complex of Lielplatone Manor. It is possible to participate in demonstrations of ancient laundry washing process under the guidance of laundress.

Open hours

Manor complex, as well as laundry house Vešūzis can be visited on all working days from 8.00 to 16.00.

By previous booking also on holidays.

*All visits must be booked by contacting the manager of Lielplatone Tourism Information Point Ingūna Pranka, telephone: +371 26611468. More information can be found here.

Bell Museum

The private collection of Valdis Jākobsons contains around 1000 bells of different origin, history, age, shape and materials. The collection is considered to be the largest bell collection in the Baltics.


  • Guided tour of the manor house and laundry house 3.00 EUR for adults, 1.50 EUR seniors, students. Family ticket 6,00 EUR.
  • Guided tour of the manor house, laundry house and the park (legends, plants, gardener's house) - 6.00 EUR for adults and 3.00 EUR seniors, students. Family ticket 12.00 EUR.
  • Participation in demonstrations of ancient laundry washing process under the guidance of laundress - 4.00 EUR.

The manor hosts open craftsmanship workshops for ceramists, textile artists and woodworkers, and it includes the largest ceramics kiln in Latvia.

Lease of premises

  • Rent of a hall for a wedding ceremony 60.00 EUR

There are also rooms for seminars and banquets.

Additional information

  • Banquet table setting;
  • It is possible to cater for tourist groups up to 40 people;
  • The estate is available for weddings.


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