Specialty Dishes of Jelgava

At the Food Laboratory of Crafts Secondary School of Jelgava specialty dishes of the city were designed – the Duke's sail and Charlotte's kiss. The taste of these dishes reminds us of the time when Jelgava was a mighty capital of the Courland Duchy. Recipes were created by Cooking specialty teachers... Read more

Restaurant "La tour de Marie"
28837731, 63081392
Jelgava, Akadēmijas iela 1

"La tour de Marie" has a seasonal menu and offers business lunch (Tourist groups, please book in advance). Read more

 Family Restaurant "Hercogs"
63024188, 27833219
Jelgava, Krišjāņa Barona iela 3

Family Restaurant "Hercogs" is one of the best restaurants in Zemgale. The chef uses seasonal products in cooperation with local farmers. We cater banquets for unlimited number of persons anytime, anywhere. Read more

Restaurant “Pilsētas elpa”
Jelgava, Pasta sala 1

"Pilsētas elpa" ir a restaurant that stands out with a wide range of grilled dishes, the best coffee in town, homemade cakes and a varied assortment of wine. Read more

 Restaurant & Bar "Plate"
63029748, 29225918
Jelgava, Lielā iela 6

In the hotel "Jelgava", there is a new restaurant and bar, called "Plate" (vinyl record). Here, you can enjoy delicious dishes offered by chef and watch current sports and music broadcasts live. Come and relax after a day at work in a subdued atmosphere of "Plate" restaurant, have delicious food fo... Read more

Restaurant “Chocolate & Pepper”
Jelgava, Kr. Barona iela 6

Restaurant "Chocolate & Pepper" welcomes guests and residents of Jelgava for 11 years. In recent years, we have experienced great changes, to accommodate people of various taste and ages. Read more

Pastry Studio "Tarte"
Jelgava, Mātera iela 26

A small, cozy bakery where to enjoy coffee from “Andrito Coffee Roastery”, tea or freshly squeezed juice and enjoy a cake or a dessert. Read more

 Bistro and confectionary – café "Silva"
63084899, 29266586
Jelgava, Driksas iela 7 un 9

Bistro "Silva" offers its customers breakfast, lunch, and early dinner. We have an extensive menu - starting with porridges and omelettes for breakfast and ending with various meat, fish, and vegetable dishes, pancakes, self-made dumplings, and desserts. Read more

 Tea house "Silva"
22119119, 29266586
Jelgava, Pilssalas iela 2a

This cosy tea house on the Pasta Island, between the River Lielupe and the River Driksa, is a great place to enjoy a variety of teas, coffee, delicious cakes, and pastries. This house offers also a small salty food menu. Read more

Real Italian pizzeria "Rosso Pizza"
Jelgava, Lielā iela 34

Rosso Pizza is created based on Italian pizza-making traditions by making an unwavering decision on quality of the products: they are delivered from Italy, they are highest quality, they are all natural for greatest health benefits and the true Italian taste. Read more

 Tavern "Istaba"
63025909, 29507108
Jelgava, J. Čakstes bulvāris 7

Tavern Istaba awaits its guests in the cozy rooms. There are two halls for convenience of guests (the smaller one is suitable for business lunch, conclusion of a deal and for romantic time). Read more

 Pizzeria "Picu Darbnīca"
Jelgava, Rīgas iela 1

Pizzeria offers wide variety of pizzas, pizza delivery. Read more

 Cafe "Zemgale"
63007703, 26582001
Jelgava, Skautu iela 2

LLC "Sport Centre 'Zemgale V" cafe "Zemgale" serve various banquets, seminars, weddings, anniversaries, children's parties, funerals and participate in open trade and banquets. The banquets, which we can arrange can be traditionally served at the tables or in a buffet-service style. Read more

 Restaurant "Madara"
Jelgava, Lielā iela 22

Restaurant 'Madara' awaits you and your friends as well as guests of the city and everyone who wishes to enjoy the meal and drinks in our nice atmosphere. If the table is booked in advance, the 10% discount is added. Read more

 Bistro "OTTO"
Jelgava, Lielā iela 17

We offer fast type - bistro - dining options: having breakfast, lunch, and dinner! We offer a diverse range of dining options! We accept orders for confectionery and culinary products! We lay tables for various events: banquets, coffee breaks, wedding feasts, anniversaries, as well as offer off-sit... Read more

 Restaurant “McDonald's”
63020166, 26468158
Jelgava, Brīvības bulvāris 1

McDonald's is biggest chain restaurant in the world. The first restaurant in Latvian was opened in Riga, 1994. Now we own 12 restaurants in Latvia – Riga, Daugavpils and Jelgava. Read more

 Café “Pie mednieka”
26385018, 63028528
Jelgava, Vecpilsētas iela 15

The café "Pie mednieka" offers business lunch from 12:00 to 16:00, as well as table setting services for weddings, anniversaries and other celebrations. Read more

 Restaurant – pizzeria "Chili Pica"
Jelgava, Katoļu iela 7 un Rīgas iela 11a

All kinds of dishes for every gourmet in menu of "Chili Pica" – various types of pizzas, salads and soups, Italian pasta, main courses, pancakes and dumplings, kebabs, desserts and cakes, as well as cocktails and healthy juices. Read more

 Bar "Saules krogs"
Jelgava, Kr. Barona iela 6, Jelgavas Kultūras nama 2.stāvā

Bar "Saules krogs" offers its customers to enjoy delicious food and drinks in a pleasant, cozy atmosphere. Customers can choose from a wide range of dishes, including delicious home-made burgers from fresh beef meat grown in Latvia. Read more

 Pub “Ceplis”
63024726, 25611435
Jelgava, Lielā iela 49

The pub–restaurant is located in an antique-Latvian-style wooden building – with a cozy atmosphere and good service. A complex lunch is available (soup, main course and a drink). Read more

 Expressrestaurant Ņamma
25459777, 29151939
Jelgava, Rūpniecības 77A, t/c Elvi

ŅAMMA is an expressrestaurant where you can always enjoy delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner. Here you can have a wide selection of the favorite Latvian dishes, oven-baked pizzas, as well as a variety of sushi, desserts and other delicacies. To make you feel even more comfortable here, the restau... Read more

Restaurant "Grantiņi"
26446422, 26537571
Jelgava Coun., Svētes pag., “Grantiņi 1”

If you want to enjoy a beautiful scenery and delicious food, the restaurant "Grantiņi" is a place for you. Modern design combined with rural tranquility will allow you to enjoy your meal slowly. Read more

 LTD "Viesu Līči" cafe "Zemnieka cienasts"/Peasant's Treat/
63058443, 20455402
Jelgava Coun., Rīga - Šauļi 43 km,

"Peasant" treats with popular Latvian dishes from meat and dairy products produced in Latvia, with just here at "Līči" grown vegetable side dishes in abundance and self- made pastry snacks. Read more

 Café "Sapnis"
26637101, 29165412
Jelgava Coun., Staļģene, „Kraujas”

We offer delicious meals for different life situations. Whether it's an ordinary day when you feel hungry, happy moments of your life, for example, birthdays, anniversaries and weddings, or sad moments like funeral. We offer full catering service. Read more

Cafe – Guest House "Aitiņlauvas"
Jelgava Coun., Valgundes pag., Rīga – Liepāja 22km

Guest House "Aitiņlauvas" is located near Liepaja highway a half-hour drive from Riga, Jelgava and from a resort town Jurmala. In a relaxed atmosphere away from city hustle and bustle you can enjoy our meals, where the main emphasis is put on the game meat meals. Read more

63011900, 29255010
Jelgava Coun., „Pūteļu krejotava”, Zaļenieku pag.

The guest house "Pūteļkrogs" has found its place in the old creamery "Pūteļi Creamery" , the walls of which create the special atmosphere of the cafe. The building was built in the thirties of the last century and for a long time served as a milk creamery for the farmers of the local region where in... Read more

 Restaurant at the Hotel "Agate Hotel"
Ozolnieki Coun., Ozolnieki, Skolas iela 16

Take some time off to stop by, and we will make sure you forget about the everyday rush and enjoy the food and the moment without haste. Read more

 Bar-restaurant "Meka"
63050162, 29121214
Ozolnieki Coun., Ozolnieki, Stadiona iela 5A

Here you can spend a nice evening in romantic and antique premises. We offer Erotic Shows on Fridays. It is possible to book a table. Delicious food for all tastes, great choice of alcoholic beverages, Tērvete, Valmiermuiža un Lāčplēsis draft beer. Read more

 Kebaberia "Korner Kebab"
Ozolnieki Coun., Ozolnieki, Meliorācijas iela 2-1

Enjoy either in a kebaberia or take away! Offer will not leave any gourmet careless. Read more

 Café "Centrs"
63020070, 26532338
Ozolnieki Coun., Rīgas iela 34, Ozolnieki

Business lunch, celebration and funeral catering services. Read more