Wooden boardwalks at the flood-land meadows of the River Svēte

Discover a new corner of nature in Jelgava city: the flood-land meadows of the River Svēte. The wooden boardwalks have been built in the territory between Sniega Street, Vītolu Road, Būriņu Road and Miezītes Road.

The total length of boardwalks is approximately 1.6 kilometres, and they are connected to the three gravel paths. In order to ensure possibility to use the boardwalks during the flooding season as well, the boardwalks are built 1.5 m high, and the width of the boardwalks is 1.8 m. The wooden boardwalks are equipped with railing with a special screen to provide for the safety of pedestrians. For the purposes of promoting the diversity of plantlife, meanders or wetlands have been formed in the area of 1.2 hectares of the flood-lands.

Two informative stands have been placed on the platforms of the boardwalks to provide information on flood-lands of the Svēte, its plants and animal life, peculiarities of the spring flood, construction works implemented for the project „Creation of the Green Infrastructure in the Adjacent Territories of Sniega Street, Jelgava”, and the constructed boardwalks.

Cars may be parked on the side of Miezītes Road opposite to the pond, on the side of Būriņu Road, or in the square of the Vītolu Road by the culvert.

Boardwalks in the flood-land meadows of the River Svēte have been constructed within the framework of Part 1 „Creation of the Green Infrastructure in the Adjacent Territories of Sniega Street” of the European Regional Development Fund’s project „Implementation of Complex Measures for Renewal of the Flow of the River Svēte to Reduce the Flood Hazard in Adjacent Territories”.

Photo: JRTC
Photo: JPPI "Pilsētsaimniecība"

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