Eleja Manor Park

Eleja Manor Park is situated in the border area of ​​Lithuania and extends over 17 hectares. It is a place for leisurely walks among beautiful old trees – witnesses of the history, legends and secrets of the manor and the park. One of such legends surrounds the last countess of Eleja Manor and her tragic love story – Dagmāra.

Eleja Manor Park has 15 noble protected trees, and from the biodiversity point of view, it is a precious environmental “pearl” both in Latvia and Europe.

Historical paths have been restored in the park, a bridge has been built across the ditch to the peninsula and two new interactive objects, which could be interesting for the visitors, have been created: the sculpture “Love” by the sculptor Gļebs Panteļejevs, which is best revealed in all its charm in the late evening hours, and the environmental object “Conversation”, which allows people to talk, while standing each on their own bank of the water reservoir. The Tea house hosts wedding ceremonies, while the tourist groups are offered tea.


There are 5 installations placed in Eleja Manor park.

Love birds depict the love of Countess Damara to her beloved one...

Wolf Garden. The name of the place Wolf Garden has long been known in Eleja, these three depicted wolves symbolize the development and progress of Eleja as a settlement in time. Its ability to grow and develop through the centuries and prove that it is a significant coordinate in Latvia and in the times of Medem Counts, even on a European scale.

Count Paul von Medem and his wife are walking in the park, and in the second art installation very close is Helena's sister Elize Matilde Aleksandrine von Lieven with her dog.

Eleja Manor heart rate or pulse depicts the development of Eleja Manor at the time when the Counts Medems actively managed the manor.

Historical images and nature connected in a web is an unusual installation that can be seen from both sides. Historical images are on one side, natural motives are on the other.

Eleja Manor Park and Tea house
Jelgava Coun., Elejas pag.
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