Portable Sauna House

Portable sauna house, portable tub, certified sauna master's services, transport services.

Working hours

By prior appointment


  • Sauna House rental: weekdays - 70.00 EUR, weekends and holidays - 90.00 EUR, whole weekend - 160.00 EUR, whole week - 280.00 EUR.*
  • Tub rental: weekdays - 50.00 EUR, weekends and holidays - 70.00 EUR, whole weekend - 120.00 EUR, whole week - 210.00 EUR.*

* If you have a category B driving licence and a car with a hook for a trailer, you can pick it up, othrewise we will deliver it to you. Delivery in Jelgava and within a 10 km radius around Jelgava is for free. In Latvia - 0.35 EUR per km. Daily from 13:00 till 12:00 of the next day.

  • Certified sauna master's services - sauna house ritual for 1 person - 40.00 EUR. Price includes brooms and a scrub.
Ozolnieki Coun., Jelgava
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