Lease of premises

The tower is comprised of nine floors, of which two are offered for the lease of premises: conference rooms on the 7th floor, as well as exhibition hall on the 9th floor, and the viewing platform at the height of 37 metres.

  • Conference room of the tower of Jelgava St. Trinity Church (on the 7th floor) is a suitable place for organisation of official, social and creative events.
  • Conference hall is equipped with multimedia equipment and a screen, cloakroom and toilet facilities.
  • Exhibition hall and viewing platform of the tower of Jelgava St. Trinity Church (on the 9th floor) is suitable for celebrations (birthday celebrations, bachelorette party, marriage proposals, etc.), as well as for marriage ceremonies.
  • The viewing platform of the 9th floor is the highest point in Jelgava to enjoy panoramic views of Jelgava from the bird’s eye view.

Events may be provided with snacks and refreshments from catering companies in Jelgava and its vicinity.

7th floor conference premises:

  • Premises for celebrations, conferences, seminars
  • Premises are suitable for groups up to 30 persons

9th floor viewing platform:

  • Premises for celebrations, marriage ceremonies, formal events
  • Premises are suitable for groups up to 50 persons

Open hours, prices

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Additional information

The tower of Jelgava St. Trinity Church offers three contemporary and interactive history exhibitions, and on the 9th floor you can view the exhibition of paintings and enjoy the scenery of Jelgava from above.  For more information see here.