Dodoties interaktīvajā pastaigā “Pārsteidzošā Pārlielupe”, ikvienam būs iespēja atklāt mazāk populāras pilsētas vietas Pārlielupes pusē. Šī pilsētas daļa glabā daudz pārsteigumu un jaunumu, kas gaida tūristu apciemojumu. Read more

Interaktīvais maršruts “Izzinām Jelgavu kopā” ļaus ģimenēm un individuālajiem ceļotajiem pavadīt brīvo laiku aizraujoši un aktīvi. Vecākiem būs iespēja ieraudzīt pilsētu jaunā skatījumā, bet bērni gūs skolā noderīgas zināšanas par pilsētas vēsturi un pozitīvas emocijas Bērnu atpūtas un rotaļu pilsēt... Read more

Jelgavas novads aktīvās atpūtas cienītājus un dabas draugus aicina doties izzinošās pastaigās pa Elejas muižas parku, Vilces muižas apkārtni, Vilces dabas parku un Lielplatones muižas parku. Read more

The children's recreation and play town was opened on June 1, 2021, it was created by Jelgava municipality in cooperation with the joint stock company "Latvijas Valsts meži". Here, children and their parents can get to know and learn about Latvia's natural values, as the squares are built using loca... Read more

Active recreation and recreation in nature has recently become popular among both locals and city guests. Hiking is a great way to get to know the natural beauty of Jelgava and its surroundings, as well as to see the tourist attractions there. The number of “hiker-friendly” companies in Latvia is gr... Read more

The route goes along the memorial sites of the Freedom battles in Jelgava and its surroundings, where the Freedom battles took place in the first half of the last century in order to free our country from the Bermont and Avalov’s troops. Read more

For all dog owners who want to travel with their pets, Jelgava Regional Tourist Centre has gathered its catering and accommodation establishments, in which it is allowed to stay with dogs, in Jelgava, Jelgava Municipality and Ozolnieki Municipality. Read more

Well-equipped picnic places in and around Jelgava, where you can enjoy quality time outdoors with family or friends. Read more

In 2013, a new tradition began in Jelgava – the first symposium of large-format chamotte sculptures was held under the leadership of the artistic director Aleksandrs Djacenko. Chamotte sculptures are created from a particularly heat-resistant material, in which clay is mixed with fine burnt clay par... Read more

The environment object The Wheel of Time 100 ("Laika rats 100") created by the sculptor Kārlis Īle is dedicated to the centenary of the statehood of Latvia and was opened on 4 May 2018. Read more

Here you can download tourism information about about Jelgava city, Jelgava county and Ozolnieki county. Read more

We invite you to hear the stories of sculptures in Jelgava city! Sculptures have long since found their place in the urban environment of Jelgava – thanks to metal art and ceramics symposiums, different events that have taken place in the city and as donations to the city. Each sculpture has its own... Read more

Starting year 2020 travelers have the opportunity to visit Zemgale and Northern Lithuania castles and manor parks. Read more