Dabas parks Svētes paliene izveidots NATURA 2000 ietvaros 2004. gadā, lai nodrošinātu reto un īpaši aizsargājamo savvaļas putnu, augu sugu un biotopu aizsardzību. Read more

Holy Trinity Tower closed since March, 18. Read more

From April 27 to May 4 in Jelgava City, as well as Jelgava County and Ozolnieki County, spring restaurant week will take place. Read more

Starting year 2020 travelers have the opportunity to visit Zemgale and Northern Lithuania castles and manor parks. Read more

We invite you to enjoy a new tourism route in Zemgale region where ten entrepreneurs offer you the possibility to learn how they make healthy candies, cheese, fabric, bee-hive, book covers, ceramic vessels, candles, face cream, jewelery, flour and groats. Read more

Jelgava Regional Tourism Centre has come up with a summary of ideas to enjoy spring in an inquisitive, inspiring and active way. Look it up and go! Read more

Sightseeing excursion including the most important historical sightseeing objects. Read more

A hike trip in Lielupe floodplain meadows along the paths of wild horses, listening to the story of the island's governors' life and experience. Narration is supplemented with a photo gallery. Read more

Largest Events and Festivals in Jelgava City, Jelgava County and Ozolnieki County in 2020. Read more

We invite you to enjoy two new tourism routes in Zemgale, offered by ten hostesses and ten hosts in Zemgale – handicraftsmen of various industries, who have developed tasty and interesting products and want to introduce them. By visiting on site you will hear the stories of the hostesses and hosts a... Read more